Sponsored Projects Procedures

Transfer of Equipment with Departing Faculty

Research, Sponsored Projects   |   Approved October 9, 2015


Request transfer of equipment with a faculty member moving from the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) to another organization.


Investigators and administrators who anticipate moving equipment to another organization. For more information on transferring an investigator to a new organization, review the Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) web page on Faculty Transfers:  Leaving UMB. For assistance with specific questions or concerns regarding equipment transfer, contact your SPA Team manager.



  1. If a Principal Investigator (PI) is transferring to a not-for-profit institution and will continue on-going research, the PI may request to move equipment and other property purchased from sponsored awards to the not-for-profit organization.
    1. Review award terms and conditions for any restrictions or approval requirements
    2. Requests for transfer that may be rejected include:
      • Equipment was purchased from multiple awards with multiple investigators
      • Equipment is used by other researchers at UMB for ongoing projects
      • Equipment was purchased with federal contract funds
    3. Equipment will not be transferred if it was purchased solely or partially with State of Maryland funds (for example, institutional funds, State of Maryland sponsored funding).
    4. Equipment may be transferred if it was purchased from gift funds (for example, UMB Foundation) or was brought to UMB by the PI from a prior institution.
    5. A list of equipment purchased with sponsored project funding at UMB can be obtained from Financial Services, Capital Equipment Inventory, by providing that office with the list of the PI’s Project IDs.
  2. The PI’s request to transfer equipment must be made in writing. The written request must include a description of the equipment (e.g., make, model, year purchased if known), UMB inventory tag number, and the source of funding (Project ID) from which purchased.
  3. The PI’s request to transfer equipment should be routed for approvals with the PI’s request to transfer active sponsored awards. The request for equipment transfer must be approved by the Department Chair and Dean, and then submitted to SPA.
  4. SPA will approve the equipment transfer for UMB. SPA will:
    1. Forward the approved list to Capital Equipment Inventory.
    2. Forward the approved list to the PI’s new institution for transfer and acceptance of title to the equipment.
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