While Abroad

Check Into the Hotel and Survey Your Room

You have safely arrived at your hotel. You are jet-lagged and ready to check in after a long flight. However, you should follow a few last steps before resting. In the hotel check-in and room survey, you can find instructions on how to check in to your hotel and survey your room safely.

Traveling in Country

When you travel by car or taxi, there could be situations during which your safety is at risk. For example, unsafe road conditions, untrained or unlicensed drivers, drivers operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and poorly maintained vehicles are all factors that could jeopardize your safety. In the travel safety guidelines, you can find some Travel Safety Guidelines for driving a car or traveling by taxi.

Maintain Your Health While Abroad

  • Visit the CDC's Traveler's Health Webpage and review the "Stay Healthy and Safe" section of the country page
  • Contact International SOS if you have any health issues or concerns (however minor) outside the United States. International SOS will advise you, connect you to health care, and work with your insurer.

Review your Emergency Contact Information

  • If your contact information has changed while abroad, update your emergency contact information in the International SOS app.