Safe Lodging


International Operations (IO) discourages the use of non-conventional lodging. Unlike international hotel chains, non-conventional lodging services lack uniform safety and security standards across listings and also are difficult for travelers to vet and assess. 

If you decide to pursue booking non-conventional lodging out of necessity, you should:  

  1. Contact the international safety and security team for consultation and assistance in assessing the security of the destination country. Be aware, however, that the safety and security team does not screen, recommend, or take any responsibility for the condition or safety of non-conventional lodgings.  
  1. Review and comply with the UMB Procedure on Business Travel for Employees and the UMB Procedure on Business Travel for Nonemployees. 
  1. Consult the Non-conventional Lodging Check-List before traveling.  

Please be aware that, per UMB policy, shared accommodation services are not considered an appropriate accommodation arrangement and, therefore, NOT permitted. 

If you have any questions regarding non-conventional lodging, contact the safety and security team via or schedule a meeting by directly going to Bookings.