Security Incident

During a security incident, you first need to ensure that you are in a safe place and have access to a phone. Then, you should: 

  • Contact International SOS at their 24/7 phone number: +1 215 942 8226 (24/7) 
    • Provide ISOS with your name, the ISOS membership I.D. number, why you are calling, and the address and phone number of where you are. Depending on the situation, ISOS will assist you and help determine what other actions you should take. 
  • Contact the U.S. Embassy, or embassy of your primary citizenship, at their emergency 24/7 phone number, as they are prepared to assist with emergencies abroad.
  • Notify UMB immediately by contacting the International Operations Incident Reporting Hotline (24/7) at +1 (410) 706-0300.
    • Provide the Duty Officer with the traveler's name, information about the incident, whether UMB property (i.e., laptop) was stolen, details of the police report if available, the address where you are located, and the best phone number to contact.