World Facilities Day

World Facilities Day 2023 Image Gallery

World Facilities Day 2023

In 2023, World Facilities Day was celebrated at UMB on Tuesday, May 23. This celebration recognized all staff within Facilities and Operations and their tireless efforts behind the scenes to keep our campus running. This year, in addition to the departments within Facilities and Operations, we also had special guests from Environmental Health & Safety, the Office of the Fire Marshal, and the Office of Public Health.

Our staff help procure construction materials, design and renovate buildings, provide custodial services, service utility infrastructure, and everything in between to create and maintain vibrant spaces at UMB. Do you know the impact that Facilities and Operations has on our campus?

Facilities and Operations By the Numbers

Operations and Maintenance (O&M): 

  • Top 3 customer requests during the 2022 calendar year: lights out (1680 requests), key cutting services (775 requests), room comfort in offices (660 requests)
  • O&M technicians logged 65,326.21 hours on work orders in the 2022 calendar year

Capital Projects Service Center: 

  • Actively managing eleven projects totaling 1,251,463 GSF and $864,612,000  
  • Campuses serviced: UMB, Coppin State University, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Towson University
    • Projects include a new School of Social Work Building at UMB, College of Business at Coppin State University, and College of Health Professions at Towson University

Design and Construction (D&C): 

  • 183 active projects
    • Projects include the Campus Electric Infrastructure Project and UMB Recycling Center


  • Office of Sustainability and Environmental Services are currently rolling out a self-service waste initiative on campus to streamline waste collection and ensure proper sorting of materials; the School of Nursing pioneered this model and saves an estimated 445,005 plastic trash liners from being incinerated each year
  • In 2022, UMB received a grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust to plant 65 trees on our campus

Environmental Services (EVS): 

  • In 2022, purchased 3,152 miles of toilet paper - that’s enough toilet paper to go from Baltimore, MD to Fairbanks, AK
  • Completed 1,478 work orders in 2022

Construction and Facilities Strategic Acquisitions (CFSA): 

  • Construction and Facilities Strategic Acquisitions consists of 7 procurement personnel “buyers” in 3 areas: capital construction, campus renovations, and operations and maintenance
  • In Fiscal Year 2022, issued 234 purchase orders totaling $58,804,330.63