What Motivates Us

The University of Maryland, Baltimore’s Administration and Finance department supports the academic mission(s) of the University and its seven schools. We oversee the physical spaces, manage financial and budgeting functions, deliver professional resources for faculty and staff, promote security and safety within the community, and facilitate international education, research, and service. Our goal is to deliver the utmost in service excellence so that all of our students, and stakeholders can achieve their goals.



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To deliver exceptional service to the University community through professionalism, stewardship, and leadership, one interaction at a time.

Two women workingVision 

A team of diverse and motivated professionals fostering partnerships, delivering outstanding service and innovative business solutions, one interaction at a time.


Guiding Principles

All team members of Administration and Finance at the University of Maryland, Baltimore are committed to the following guiding principles. By living these guiding principles on a daily basis,  we contribute to making UMB an institution that we all can take pride in, one that generates job satisfaction, and one that will be better poised to improve the human condition and serve the public good.  

W - Well-Being and Sustainability 

I will ensure that I am a good steward of resources by promoting the health and well-being of myself, society, and the environment. I want to meet the needs of the present without compromising the future.  

I - Innovation and Discovery 

I will learn, adapt, and reimagine processes that will drive creative change. I will take prudent risks to continuously discover more effective and efficient solutions to meet university goals. I am committed to communication and collaboration to break down silos.  

S - Service Excellence and Accountability 

I will provide reliable and professional services to meet the needs of our University community. I will embrace a solutions-oriented approach one customer interaction at a time. I will take ownership of my mistakes and their implications. 

E - Equity and Justice 

I will strive to foster a culture of inclusiveness, diversity, and fairness. I am committed to growing my knowledge of inequities and injustices. I will support equitable opportunities across our community. 

R - Respect and Integrity 

I will treat everyone in a dignified and civil manner. I will listen to, value, and consider the opinions of others. I will strive to do the right thing, even in the face of adversity.