Workouts and Recipes

Apartment Friendly Workouts ( Noise and Equipment Free)

Look for apartment friendly workouts here for those who don't have equipment and want to limit the distraction for their roommates and those they share communal walls with. 

Total Body Circuit 

Warm up: lateral skaters x 2min (alternate= lateral steps x 2 min) 


Squat + Cross crunch x 20 (alternate= squat only or 45 degree squat) 

Plank walkouts (Inchworms) + pushup x10 (alternate= plank walkout without push up) 

Quad power squats x 25 (alternate= 45 degree squat)  

Tricep dips + Toe taps x 12 (tricep dips while seated) 

Curtsey lunge + squat x 10 each side (alternate= curtsey lunge without squats) 


Repeat 4-6 times 

*Challenge* make it an EMOM workout  

Arm Circuit  

Warm up:  

Shoulder extension circles x 2 min  

Shoulder abduction circles x 2 min 


Push up + side plank  x 10 each side (alternate= knee push ups w/knee side plank) 

Tricep push ups x 15 each side  

Plank shoulder taps x 10 each side (alternate= plank only or knee plank with shoulder taps)  

Tricep dips x 20 (tricep dips while seated) 

Single arm bicep door pull through x 20 each side (alternate= weightless bicep curls with 5 second contraction)  


Repeat 4 times 

Leg Circuit 

Warm up:  

EMOM: 25 squats x 4 minutes (alternate: mini squats 4x25 with rest break in between) 


Squat + lunge power combo x 10 (alternate: mini squats x10, followed by lunges x10) 

Narrow power pulse squat x 25 (alternate: mini narrow squat) 

Single leg supine bridges x 10 each side (alternate: double leg supine bridge) 

Reverse lunge to forward lunge heel tap x 20 each side (alternate: alternating reverse lunge) 

Single leg RDL x 15 each side (regular RDL’s) 

Quadruped glute kickbacks x 20 each side (alternate: quadruped leg extension heel taps) 

Wall squat x 1 minute (alt: mini wall squat) 


Repeat 3 times  

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts provided by our certified personal trainers at URecFit and Wellness. These are not meant to be completed every day of the week, but can be completed safely up to three times a week. 

Weekly Workout 1 

Circuit 1: 3 rounds, 30 sec rest between rounds

Squat 12 reps

Pushup 15 reps

Hamstring curls (using a ball, sliders, or a towel on a hard floor) 10 reps

Side plank 30 sec each side


Circuit 2: 3 rounds, 30 sec rest between rounds

Alternating lunges 12 reps each leg

Bent over row (using weights, soup cans, anything heavy) 10 reps

Single leg glute bridge 12 reps each leg

Shoulder tap plank 45 sec


Finisher: repeat 3x, 1 min rest between rounds

Mountain climbers 1 min

Wall sit 1 min

Weekly Workout 2 

Circuit 1:   3-4 sets - 30 sec rest between sets


1)      Stationary forward and reverse lunges for 45 seconds each leg

-          Bring one foot forward and lunge down then bring that forward foot back behind you and lunge. Repeat this sequence for one side until time expires and switch sides. As an example keep your left foot on the ground and lunge forward with your right foot and then transition into a reverse lunge by bringing that right foot behind you into a lunge position.


2)      High knee jog in place for 30 seconds

-          Place your hands out, palms down, as if you’re resting your hands on a table and bring one knee up to hit the palm of your hand. At a safe yet challenging speed rapidly alternate the marching motions of this exercise so that you get in as my knee-to-palm taps as possible in the 30 seconds.


3)      Push up clocks (12, 3, 6, 9 o’clock) clock wise AND counter clock wise

-          Imagine you are the hour hand of a clock on the floor. Complete a push up at the 12 o’clock position then move your body into the 3 o’clock position without moving your feet and repeat a push up. Complete one round clockwise AND counter-clockwise. This may be completed in your knees.


4)      Superman hold with snow angels for 30 seconds

-          Laying on your stomach, hold your chest up off the ground with both legs still in contact with the floor and use your arms to create a “snow angel.”

-          Alternative: If this bothers your lower back do not lift your chest off the floor. Keeping your torso on the floor have your arms straight placed out in front of you so that you create the letter “Y”. Staying in the “Y” position lift those arms off the floor as high as you can and repeat these for 30 seconds.


Circuit 2:   6 sets: 0-10 sec rest between sets


1)      Squat to press with weights/objects for 20 seconds

-          The weight(s) can be any household object(s) of moderate weight. Not too light!


2)      High plank jacks for 20 seconds

-          In a high plank position perform jumping jacks with your legs.


3)      Plank ups for 20 seconds

-          Start in a plank and using only your arms raise yourself into a high plank position. Return back to a plank position again using only your arms. You may do these on your knees.


4)      Burpees for 5 repetitions



  1. Dead hang: If you have a bar or any surface you are able to hang from using your hands you will perform a dead hang for as long as you can.
  2. Waiter holds: If you have no method of performing a dead hang then you will perform waiter holds. Place a moderately heavy object of the same weight in each hand palms up. You will hold your arms up as if you’re doing half a bicep curl. Hold you’re arms in this position for as long as you can. You have the option of holding one large item with both hands versus handling items separately.




Listed below are short videos to help guide you through each exercise:


Stationary forward to reverse lunges:

High knee jog:

Push up clocks:

Superman holds with snow angels:

Prone Y raises:

Squat to press:

High plank jacks:

Plank ups:


Dead hang:

Waiter holds:

Weekly Workout 3 

Here is the weekly workout for 4/20/20. Rest 30-60 seconds between each set. If you are looking for more of a cardio and metabolic effect, use a shorter rest interval. If you are focused on mastery of movement, use a longer rest interval and focus on really dialing in your technique with slow and controlled deliberate reps during your sets. Video links have been attached.

1A) Squat Jumps – 3x8 reps

1B) Push up to downdog – 3x10-12 reps

1C) Deadbug – 3x10 reps (each side)


2A) YTWL – 3x20 (5-5-5-5)

2B) Push Up – 3 sets AMRAP

  • Hold the bottom portion of the rep for 10 seconds and work up to as many reps as possible
  • Use an ELEVATED surface if needed

2C) Walking Lunge 3x20

Weekly Workout 4 

Weekly workout 4/27

Warm up thoroughly before beginning this workout.

Circuit 1: 50 sec work, 10 sec rest (repeat 3x)

  1. Squat pulses (
  2. Plank drag (

-Squat down into a comfortable stance and stand up slightly, but not all the way. Continue pulsing in your squat until time is up.


-In a high plank position, place a weight or an object to your right side. Reach your left arm through to grab the weight and drag it to the other side. Repeat with your right hand. Do not let your hips rotate while performing this exercise. Perform this from your knees if necessary.


  1. Offset reverse lunge (
  2. Bear crawl shoulder taps (

-Holding a moderately heavy weight or object in one hand, perform a lunge on the opposite leg. For example, if you are holding a weight in your left hand, step your left foot back into a lunge so your right leg is the working leg. Do not let the weight pull you over to the side. Step your foot forward again and repeat until halfway through the 50 seconds, then switch sides.


-Position yourself on hands and knees and then lift your knees slightly so they are hovering above the ground, which is known as the bear crawl position. Keep your hands in line with your shoulders and your knees in line with your hips. Take one hand off the ground at a time and tap your opposite shoulder. Alternate hands and try to prevent your hips from rotating. Perform this in a regular plank or in a plank on your knees if necessary.

Circuit 2: 50 sec work, 10 sec rest (repeat 3x)

  1. Renegade row (
  2. Pushup with rotation (

-Hold a high plank position with your hands on dumbbells or other weighted objects. One at a time, perform a row by lifting the weight off the ground and pulling your elbow back as seen in the video. Do not let your hips rotate. Complete this exercise from your knees if necessary.


-Perform a pushup, from your knees or using an incline if necessary. Between each rep, lift one hand off of the ground and rotate to the side so your hand is up in the air. Return to the start position, complete another pushup, and then rotate to the other side.


  1. Dying bug (
  2. Commandos (

-Lying on your back, raise your arms straight up into the air and raise your legs so that your hips and knees are bent at a 90 degree angle. Flatten your lower back into the ground and maintain this position throughout the exercise. Reach your right arm up above your head and straighten your left leg out in front of you as far as you can while maintaining a flat back, then return to the starting position. Repeat with your left arm and right leg. If this is too difficult, only straighten your leg and leave your arms where they are. Continue alternating sides.


-Starting in a forearm plank, use your arms to transition into a high plank. Lower to your forearms again and repeat starting with your other arms. Continue alternating arms throughout the movement as you transition from a low to a high plank. Keep your movements slow and controlled and do not let your hips rotate. Perform this from your knees if necessary.

Weekly Workout 5 

Ride the wave!




-          This workout consist of only 4 exercises that will performed in a “wave” repetition pattern. Please utilize one object that weighs 5-15 pounds for this workout.


-          You will perform the designated # of repetitions for EACH of the 4 exercises. After you complete the repetitions for all 4 exercises you will then repeat the same 4 exercises for the NEXT designated # of repetitions.

o   Ex.) I completed 20 reps of lateral lunges to chest press. Immediately after I finish that exercise I will now complete 20 reps of plyo staggered pushups. Once I finish all 4 exercises with 20 reps I will take a break as needed and repeat this pattern but now doing only 15 reps per exercise.


-          YOUR GOAL for this workout is to finish as fast (yet safe) as possible. Please give yourself the necessary time to set up for each exercise without rushing yourself just to get a faster time. REST in between each set of repetitions. Again there is no time limit for rest with this workout, but challenge yourself and only rest for how much you really need!


-          The weights designated for each exercise is optional but remember CHALLENGE YOURSELF!





1)      Alternating lateral lunge to chest press (weighted)

o   Alternative: Squat to chest press

2)      Alternating plyo staggered push ups

o   Alternative: Options include not performing plyometric or going on your knees

3)      Feet raised Russian twist with press (weighted)

o   Alternative: Feet on the ground

4)      Single leg bridge with march on the couch/table

o   Alternative: Single or double leg bridge on the floor


Repetition pattern:

20 – 15 – 10 – 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 – 15 – 10 – 5


NOTE – The repetitions listed above are for EACH limb, meaning for all 4 exercises you need to complete the reps for each arm/leg/side


Links: (Single leg bridge march) (russian twist to press) (plyo staggered push up) (lateral lunge to chest press)


Weekly Workout 6 

Weekly Workout 5/11/20


1A) Spiderman Push Up 3x10-15

1B) Single Leg RDL 3x10 *use hand assistance if needed*

1C) Bird Dog 3x8 each side                     

2A) Lateral Lunge OR Reverse Lunge 3x8

2B) Towel Isometric Row 3x3 (1 set is 3 reps of 10 second holds)

2C) March in place 3x30 seconds *start slow and progress in tempo/rhythm when comfortable*

Weekly Workout 7 

Weekly workout 5/18

Warm up thoroughly before beginning this workout.

Superset: Perform exercises listed as a superset back to back with little to no rest between exercises. Rest as needed after completing the superset before starting the next round. Complete all rounds of one superset before moving on to the next.

  1. Superset 1: repeat 3x



Perform a squat with or without weight, taking 5 seconds to descend into the squat position. Quickly stand back up. Place a mini band around your knees to add an increased challenge.

  1. Overhead press: 10 reps (
  2. Superset 2: repeat 3x

Use weights or household objects for this exercise. Start holding your weights at shoulder height and press them directly overhead. Return to start position.



This exercise may be completed with weights, bands, or household objects. Holding two weights in a standing position, push your hips back and bend your knees slightly as you move the weights towards the floor. Keep your back straight. Return to a standing position.

  1. Inverted row: 10 reps (

If you have access to a TRX or squat rack and barbell, use that for this exercise. If not, you can use a strong and sturdy table. Position yourself under the equipment you will be using and hold on with an overhand grip. The higher the equipment it set up, the easier the exercise will be. Keeping your body in a straight line, pull yourself up to the bar until your chest touches. Lower back down and repeat.

*if you do not have a way to perform this exercise, perform a bent over row instead.

3. Superset 3: repeat 3x



Holding weights or household objects at your sides, step back and lower into a lunge. Return to standing by pushing off of your front leg, not your back leg. Perform 10 reps on both legs.

  1. Sidelying triceps extension: 10 reps per arm (

Lying on your side, cross your bottom arm over your chest. Place your top hand on the floor in front of your shoulders and press through the ground to lift your shoulders from the ground.

4. Superset 4: repeat 3x



Holding a weight or household object, assume a wall sit position. Press the weight out from your chest and then back in. Repeat until time is up.

b. Plank hold: 45 seconds (

Hold a plank position on your elbows. If this is challenging, you can drop down to your knees or elevate your elbows on a surface.

Weekly Workout 8 

Superset 1: (Perform 4-5 sets)


1)      Push up holds to reps – 6 seconds at the bottom, immediately followed up by 5-8 repetitions of push ups

  • On your feet or knees, you will hold the bottom portion of the push up for 5 seconds keeping your chest slightly off the ground then perform repetitions of push ups to complete the exercise.
  • Bridge up to the top position of this exercise and hold for 10 seconds. Immediately follow up by performing repetitions of bridges to complete the exercise.

2)      Bridge holds to reps – 10 second hold at the top, immediately followed up by 8-12 repetitions of bridges.



Triset 1: (Perform 6-8 sets)


1)      Plank ups to burpees x6

  • Jump up > get into a high plank position > transition into a plank > get back into the high plank position > stand up (completion of x1 rep) > repeat
  • With you elbow or hand (with arm straight out) on the floor in a side plank position, take your other arm and point it to the ceiling. Using the other arm scoop underneath the side of your body closest to the floor and return to pointing towards the ceiling.
  • Optional to bend your knees and be in contact with the floor versus a traditional side plank

2)      Side plank rotations x6 each side

3)      High plank opposite hand/toe taps x6 each side

  • In the high plank position widen your feet and hands slightly outside hip and shoulder width. Lift one hand and the opposite foot of the floor and bring them to the center of you body where you can tap them both and return back to the high plank. Rotate your torso towards the side you lift your arm off (ex. Right arm to left foot touch = chest rotating to the right slightly)
  • Optional to take out the tap portion of this exercise and just lift off opposite limbs


High plank position -

High plank opposite hand/toe tap -

Side plank rotations -

Plank ups -

Weekly Workout 9 

Weekly Workout: Repeat circuit 3-4 times. Rest 60s each round.


  1. March in place – 30 seconds
  2. Low Pogo Jump – 10 seconds
  3. Side To Side Low Pogo Jump – 10 seconds
  4. Push Up: 3 seconds down – 3 seconds up
    1. Perform 5-10 reps
    2. Use elevated surface for hands if needed
  5. Reverse Lunge w/ twist – 8-10 per side
  6. Glute Bridge w/ towel pull apart – 4x3 seconds
    1. Perform a glute bridge and maintain this position while doing a towel pull apart


OPTIONAL: Tempo Intervals

  • To perform tempo runs simply run at 50-70% of your maximum for 10-12 seconds followed by a period of 60s of walking or another form of active recovery. Perform anywhere from 10-20 reps of these. Note that these should not feel particularly fatiguing and that these meant are meant to be a low-moderate method of conditioning.

Weekly Workout 10 

Warm up thoroughly before beginning this workout.

Circuit 1: repeat 3x, rest as needed

  1. Step ups: 10 reps each leg
  2. Bridge walkouts: 45 sec            
  3. Eccentric pushups: 6-8 reps           
  4. Plank hold: 45 sec           

Circuit 2: repeat 3x, rest as needed

  1. Pike pushup: 6-8 reps                           
  2. Walking lunges: 12 reps each leg       
  3. Suitcase carry: 30 sec each side                   
  4. Single arm row: 12 reps each arm     

Weekly workout 11 

15 minute EMOM (Every minute on the minute)


*EMOM definition – Every minute you are required to complete the designated exercises with the intended amount of repetitions. You must wait until the next minute starts to proceed onto the next exercise, so if you finish the exercise before the next minute you must take a rest break during that time. 

                Ex.) Minute 1 – complete 15 body weight squats

-          You completed all squats in 40 secs and have 20 seconds remaining until Minute 2. Please rest until the top of the next minute.


5 exercises of the EMOM:

(A)    Lateral lunges – 8 reps each leg

(B)    Plank ups – 6 reps

(C)    Burpees – 5 reps

(D)   Toe touches (lay on back, legs up to the sky) – 15 reps

(E)    Russian twist – 10 reps each side


Minute 1      A

Minute 2      B

Minute 3      C

Minute 4      D

Minute 5      E

Minute 6      A

Minute 7      B

Minute 8      C

Minute 9      D

Minute 10    E

Minute 11    A

Minute 12    B

Minute 13    C

Minute 14    D

Minute 15    E

Weekly Workout 12 

1a) Reverse Lunge to Single Limb Support 4x 8-12 reps

1b) Push up to single limb support 4 x 8-12 reps

2a) Prone overhead press 3 x 10-15 reps

2b)  Bird Dog 3x10

3) Modified side plank with clam isometric – hold for 10 seconds – reset – another 10 seconds – reset – another 10 seconds (DO THIS TWICE EACH SIDE)


Perform the following sets with no rest in between

Snap downs – 3x5

Bodyweight plank: 3x20s

Weekly Workout 13 

Note: Some of these exercises have a power/explosive element to them. If you do not have the capacity to perform these safely, please go at your own pace and simply utilize proper technique in a range of motion that is comfortable for you.


1a) Standing Broad Jump 3x5 – rest 60s

Modification: stand up from a chair as fast/explosively as you can while maintaining good posture

1b) Plyo-Push up on elevated surface surface 3x5 – rest 60s

Modification: Perform a regular push up with a controlled descent and return to position as fast/explosively as possible


1c) Split Squat Iso-Hold 3x45s or as long as you can (each side) – rest 30s after the first side and 60s after the other side

Modification: stand between two chairs and use arms to support yourself

        2a) High Knees 3x15s – imagine the ground is on fire and think “popping” of the ground


                                (see video for modification)

        2b) Bodyweight Plank 3x20s


        Optional Mobility: As many sets and reps as you feel you need!

Weekly Workout 14 

Giant set (No rest break in between each exercise)

*6 sets for all exercises

Renegade row – 8 reps each arm

Plank up – 5 reps

Reverse plank toe touches (opposite hand to opposite foot) – 8 reps each touch

Reverse Lunges – 12 reps each leg

Alternating Lateral lunges – 6 reps each leg



Push up – As many reps as possible

High plank hold – As long as you can

Weekly Workout 15 

4-5 rounds, 30 second – 1 minute rest in between sets

Plyo push ups – x6-10 reps

Burpees – x5-8

Alternating jumping split squats – x8-10 each leg

Jump rope/hops – x45 seconds – 1 minute



12 Repetitions each exercises, no rest, 4 rounds

Lying toe touches

Side plank ups

Plank ups

Side plank ups  

Weekly Workout 16 

Warm Up: 30 s each exercise. Can be performed 2-3x until the joints feel warm and ready to move!

Forward Arm Circles

  *keep the abs tight so only the arms move

Backward Arm Circles

Bodyweight Squats





Perform each set 2-3 times with a 30s-1 min between sets


Set 1

15 Rear lunge to kickstand Deadlift (Right Leg)

   *After performing the rear lunge, tap the left foot to the side to move straight into your kickstand dead lift on the same leg. This exercise can be performed bodyweight, with dumbbells, or while standing on a theraband.


10 Suicide Planks


15 Rear Lunge to Kickstand Deadlift (Left Leg)

10-20 Tricep push-ups


Set 2

15-20 Single leg bridge per side (25 with both feet down if single leg is not available)

   *Rest dumbbell on the hip crease or hold a theraband over the hips or on the arch of the elevated foot for added resistance.

15 Tricep dips

30 s. Reverse Plank


30 s. Pilates swimming


  (a child’s pose stretch probably feels nice during your break on this set!

Weekly Workout 17 

**No rest in between exercises**


Burpees – x 1 rep

Mountain climbers – 20 secs

Burpees – x 3 reps

Mountain climbers – 20 secs

Burpees – x 3 reps

Mountain climbers – 20 secs

Burpees – x 5 reps

Mountain climbers – 30 secs

Burpees – x 7 reps

Mountain climbers – 30 secs

Burpees – x 8 reps

Mountain climbers – 30 secs

Burpees – x 7 reps

Mountain climbers – 20 secs

Burpees – x 5 reps

Mountain climbers – 20 secs

Burpees – x 3 reps

Mountain climbers – 20 secs

Burpees – x 1 reps


**Burpees can always be performed without the jump, if necessary**

Weekly Workout 18 

1A) Glute Bridge March 3x8 each side

1B) Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat 3x12

1C) Non-Counter movement jump 3x5

2A) T-Push Up 4x5 each side

2B) Plank w/ reach 3x30 seconds

2C) Reverse Fly 3x15 or until close to failure

Weekly Workout 19 

Weekly Workout: This week’s workout will have an upper body focus - refer back to any of the previous lower body workouts and supplement them however you like. You can perform an upper body workout on one day of the week and a lower body workout on another day, or you can mix and match to create a custom full body workout. There are no strict rules here!

1A) 3 position push-up ISO: 3x3 reps

  • Pause for 3 seconds in the bottom position, 3 seconds in the middle position, and 3 seconds in the top position. This is 1 rep. 3 reps is 1 set. Focus on staying tight and making sure the hips and shoulders are in a straight line.

1B) Plyo-Push Up: 3x5

1C) Band Pull Apart: 3x15

  • We are going to perform 3 variations of a push up.
  • The first variation, we will be using a narrow grip. Perform as many reps as you can while maintaining strict form. Rest for 10-15 seconds, then perform as many as you can utilizing a wide grip push up. Rest for another 10-15 seconds, then perform as many reps as you can utilizing a normal grip (between narrow/wide). This is 1 set. Perform this up to 3 times.
  • These are tough! Be smart here, and don’t push beyond your capacity. Feel free to use an elevated surface and keep a couple reps in the tank on the first variation. Record the total number of reps.

2A) Push up mechanical drop set: 3 x AMRAP!

2B) Band Pull Down: 3x8-15reps

  • Depending on the tension of the band you will be using, adjust the rep ranges. Incorporate slower reps and holds at the beginning and end of each rep to stress the muscles under tension.
  • You may remember these from previous workout. Bent over reverse flies are a great way to target the muscles behind your shoulder and combat all the time we spent slouched over at our computers!
  • Note that this rep scheme will utilize a 2 second pause at the top of each rep, so dial in your form here! Any household items can be used to provide resistance here.

2C) Bent over reverse fly: 3x15 reps w/2 second pause.

Optional Conditioning: Perform as many rounds as you can in 5 minutes!

1a) Base rotations: 10 each way

1b) Lateral Lunge: 10 reps (5 each side)

1c) Curl to press: 10 reps

Weekly Workout 20 

This workout will get your heart rate up and will work your whole body with an emphasis on your core. The linked YouTube videos include modifications to make the exercises easier or more challenging. We recommend getting clearance from your physician before beginning any exercise program.



Do the core exercises (everything but the jumping jacks) at a moderate pace. Complete the following circuit as many times as possible in 20 minutes:



Jumping Jacks – 15 reps



Dead bugs – 15 reps each side (alternating)



Jumping Jacks – 15 reps



V-sit hold – 30 second hold 2x



Jumping Jacks – 15 reps



Side planks – 30 second hold each side



Jumping Jacks – 15 reps



Mountain climber twists – 15 reps each side (alternating)



Jumping Jacks – 15 reps



Reverse plank – 30 second hold 2x

Weekly Workout 21 

15 min EMOM

Every Minute On the Minute – Perform the designated reps in a minute time span. If you finish all reps before the minute is complete you have the remaining amount of time to rest before starting the next exercise.

Ex.) You complete 25 squats in 40 seconds. You now have 20 seconds of rest before the next minute mark where you will now start completing 30 pushups.


Order of exercises:

**Set a timer/stopwatch to follow each exercise after every minute until you hit 15:00**

IF you do not complete the designated reps before the next minute, move onto the next exercise and when you approach that exercise again reduce the rep count by 3-5.


-          Body weight squats x 15 reps

-          Jump rope or Hops x 30 reps

-          Push ups x 12-15 reps

-          Hands to toes (laying on your back, leg up to the sky) x15 reps

-          Side bends (laying on your back) x12 reps each side

Weekly Workout 22 

Weekly Workout:

1A) 1x1.5 Push Up: 3x10

  • All the way down, half way up, back down, and all the way up à this is one rep!
  • Use staircase or elevated surface for hands to make this challenge easier

1B) Split Squat ISO Hold 10s followed by 10 reps (3 sets)

  • Hold the bottom of a split squat/or lunge position for 10s; after the 10s are up, perform 10 normal reps
  • Can be performed with one arm or two arms
  • Do band or towel rows if you don’t have access to a TRX or suspension straps

2A) TRX Row 4x12

2B) Hamstring Walk-Outs 3x8-15

2C) Renegade Rows 3x6-10 each side

Weekly Workout 23 

This full-body workout will get your heart rate up and work both upper and lower body muscle groups. For an extra challenge, hold small to medium size weights (or other comparable household objects such as water bottles or cans – just make sure you’re holding duplicate objects in both hands) when completing the squats (dumbbell squat form seen here: ). A variety of pushup modifications can be seen here: Complete the below exercises in order, once through. 


10 jumping jacks

10 squats 

10 pushups


15 jumping jacks

15 squats

15 pushups 


20 jumping jacks 

20 squats

20 pushups


25 jumping jacks 

25 squats

25 pushups


20 jumping jacks 

20 squats

20 pushups


15 jumping jacks 

15 squats

15 pushups


10 jumping jacks

10 squats

10 pushups 

Weekly Workout 24 

Complete the rounds 3-4 times and each exercise should be 30 seconds of work and 10 seconds rest for a total time of 8 minutes for 3 rounds or 10 minutes for 4 rounds 


12 Squats

12 Glute Bridges

20 Alternating Lunges

12 Leg Raises


Weekly Workout 25 

1A) Glute Bridge Variation: 3x10 with a 4 second hold at the top

1B) Dead-Bug: 3x10 each side (exhale as you punch your leg out)

2A) Single Leg Glute Bridge ISO Hold: 2-3 sets (hold this position for as long as possible ~30-60s)

2B) Half kneeling overhead press: 3x12 (use a resistance band under the knee as resistance, dumbbell, kettlebell; any push-up variation will suffice if you do not have access to any equipment)

2C) Band pull apart 3x15 reps

        Other options include doing a reverse fly with cans of soup, jars of pickles, etc.

CARDIO CIRCUIT: Perform as many rounds as you can in 5 minutes

Weekly Workout 26 


This full-body workout can be modified to fit your fitness level, completed multiple days per week, incorporates resistance training and cardio, and is designed to be completed in 30 minutes. 


PART 1: Complete the circuit below as many times as possible in 15 minutes:
lunges - 15 reps each leg alternating

pushups - 15 reps

plank - 30 seconds
glute bridges - 15 reps
resistance band rows - 15 reps

romanian deadlifts - 15 reps

deadbugs - 15 reps each side alternating


PART 2: finish out with a walk, jog, or run for 15 minutes

Weekly Recipes

Looking for new recipes to try? Check here for new recipes to help maintain your health, fitness and wellness by checking in weekly on this website. 

Weekly Recipe - Garlic Butter Chicken Bites with Lemon Asparagus

Weekly Recipe - Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Weekly Recipe - Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger

Weekly Recipe - Pesto Salmon with Roasted Peppers and Quinoa

Weekly Recipe - Pasta with Zucchini and Tomatoes

Weekly Recipe - Tex Mex Chicken and Zucchini

Weekly Recipe - Caprese Chicken