Weightlifting 101

Weightlifting 101

A free program that will teach all participants proper weightlifting form. We will meet on the scheduled days at 5:30 p.m. in the Strength and Conditioning room in Pratt Gym. The trainers will be there until 7 p.m. and you can stop by any time!

 For more information, email Jimmy Mszanski at jmszanski@umaryland.edu   





Squat Variations September 21 Front and Back Squats
Hinge Movements October 19 Deadlift Variations
Push Movements November 9 Bench Press Variations
Pull Movements February 15 Pull ups and Row Variations
Unilateral Movements March 22 Lunge Variations
The Carry April 11 Farmer's Carry and Core Strength



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