June 2021

June 15, 2021
Dear UMB Community:
Welcome back! It’s so wonderful to see the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) alive with activity once again. While our police and security officers have been reporting to UMB each day, we have missed the daily presence and energy of our UMB community. 
As you return to campus, I want to take a moment to remind you of the public safety resources available to you. Request a Safe Walk/Safe Ride through the Mobile UMB app or call 410-706-6882. We also continue to offer three discounted rides each month through Lyft Ride Smart at UMB.
Our 100-plus security officers can be found in red shirts and yellow vests all across UMB. Don’t hesitate to say hello and let us know if you have any questions. Remember: Safety is a community effort — if you see something, say something. Our police communication operators are available 24/7 by calling 410-706-6882. In an emergency, always call 911. 
Once again, welcome back! Don’t forget to follow us on social media (@PoliceUMB) and check our monthly newsletters for updates, safety tips, trainings, and events!
Thomas Leone
UMB Interim Chief of Police
Safety Tip of the Month: Secure Your Valuables
  • Place valuables in your car out of sight. If possible, put valuables in your trunk before leaving your home or office.
  • Carry your purse with the clasp inward toward your body. Carry your wallet in your front or inside pocket. Carry as little money or valuables as possible. 
  • Secure your bicycle and check that your lock is closed before leaving. Consider using the bike parking facilities.
  • Take your valuables with you. Don’t leave computers, cellphones, or other valuables in plain sight and unattended. 
New and Improved UMBPD Website!
The UMBPD website has had a face-lift! The new site features improved navigation, streamlined content, and new visuals. We’ve added information about community outreacha flow chart for when (and why) UMBPD sends UMB Alerts, and you can even report a non-emergency crime online. The project was a collaboration with the Office of Communications and Public Affairs — thank youCheck out our new site!
PAL Resumes In-Person Sessions
The Police Athletic/Activities League (PAL) is once again fully in-person at the new Community Engagement Center after a year of virtual mentoring. Students meet twice a week for arts and crafts, physical fitness, and team-building. We are especially excited to welcome six new UMBPD mentors: Sgt. Thaddeus Baker, security officer Latisha Brown, security officer Evelyn Greenhill, security supervisor William Griffin, police communication operator supervisor Shawnta Privette, and PFC Brandon Williams. 
Electric Bicycles
UMBPD police officers will soon be riding electric bicycles on campus. The bikes are just one of the UMBPD’s fleet of electric vehicles, including Segways, Cushmans, electric motorcycles, and more. Four officers received training last week, and you’ll soon see them pedaling across UMB!
Recruits and New Hires
Four UMBPD police recruits (three UMBPD security officers, one University of Maryland Medical Center security officer) are attending the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission training academy. They have completed emergency vehicle operations and firearms training and are expected to graduate Sept. 10.
UMBPD also has hired five police officers from partner law enforcement agencies. The officers will undergo 160 hours of supervised field training and daily observation reports, and they must meet state-approved objectives. Meet one of our new officers, PFC William England.
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The Office of Emergency Management is on Twitter! Follow us @UMBOEM for preparedness tips, updates, and more. 
Extreme Heat Safety
Temperatures are on the rise — are you prepared? Heat-related illness (e.g., heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and heatstroke) can catch you by surprise. Stay safe by drinking lots of water, finding air conditioning, and never leaving people or pets in a hot car. You also can find a sunscreen station outside the SMC Campus Center! Learn more about extreme heat.
Fire Extinguishers
Do you know where the nearest fire extinguisher is? Do you know how to use one? Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) offers free, hands-on training with an electronic fire simulator. If your group or department is interested in receiving fire extinguisher training, EHS can come to you and provide physically distanced training. Learn more and request training.
Select Agent Toxins: Permissible Quantities 
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Agriculture have identified a list of Select Agents and Toxins that may pose a threat to human, animal, or plant health or animal and plant products, which are subject to oversight and regulation under the Federal Select Agent Program.
Some select agent toxins are not regulated if the amount under the control of the principal investigator does not exceed a certain quantity at any time. Though permissible quantities are not federally regulated, UMB requires researchers to perform due diligence registration.
As with all hazardous agents, it is important to: 
  • Register your use with the appropriate federal, state, and University offices.
  • Maintain an accurate inventory and records of purchase, use, transfer, and disposal.
  • Secure agents and your lab.
  • Promptly report any thefts or losses to UMBPD (410-706-6882) and EHS (410-706-7055).
If you work with any of these agents and have not already discussed their use with EHS, please contact the Biosafety Office.
Please visit umaryland.edu/police for more information
about the UMB Police Department.