Parking Garage Equipment

UMB has updated its Parking and Revenue Control System (PARCS) by installing new parking equipment in all campus parking garages and switching to a new payment system.

This new parking equipment and system will bring many benefits for your parking experience on campus and will allow us to better serve your parking needs. The current parking technology has been in use for almost 30 years, and our machines are no longer able to be supported.


New Parking Equipment

What has Changed

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  • New Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) hangtags will be distributed to most UMB parkers
    • Employee Daily, Part Time Faculty and Student Daily will continue to use current permits and access cards
  • Self Service - updating of vehicle and cell phone information
  • Online application process for new permits
  • Multiple parking credentials for those days your forget your garage access card or take another vehicle
    • Cell phone and Bluetooth technology


  • Reduction in paper use
    • New visitor parking coupons and/or validations
    • Online web validations for patients to UMMC and other medical departments on campus
  • Reduction in paper waste
  • Reduce our carbon footprint

Validations and Coupons

  • Online Validation of parking tickets
    • Tracking of validations
  • Department self-service for coupons
    • Convenience and ease of use
  • Please note, all validations are single use only and should not be copied.


Which garages will have new equipment? 

All University of Maryland, Baltimore garages will have new equipment installed:

  • Baltimore Grand Garage
  • Pearl St. Garage
  • Penn St. Garage
  • Pratt St. Garage
  • Saratoga St. Garage
  • Lexington St. Garage
  • Plaza garage

Is my personal information secure? 

Yes, your personal information, including your vehicle information, is secured by using Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

What type of new technology can I use to enter and exit the garages? 

In addition to your UMB One Card, assigned parker's will have an Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) hangtag, License Plate Recognition (Plaza Garage only), Bluetooth and mobile phone access using the mobile phone number on file with UMB Alerts. To make sure your cell phone number is up to date, use this link.

How can I update my vehicle information and make sure my current vehicle is correct? 

Please update and verify your current vehicle information using this link .

All permits must have a vehicle assigned in order for the system to work.

If you experience an issue, please contact the parking cashiers office directly.

Will my UMB One Card still work with the new system? 

Yes, if you are a registered parker and use your newer UMB One Card to gain access, the card will work with the new system. Unfortunately, the older UMB One Cards will not work. Information on how to proceed can be provided.

What happens if my parking access is denied? 

If your parking access has been denied, please review the following:

  • Your access card or Automated Vehicle Idenitfication tag is with you
  • Your information is up to date on the parking web portal

If you need further assistance, contact the parking cashiers or parking operations office.

How do I get my parking validated? 

If you are a patient with the University of Maryland, Medical Center (UMMC), Faculty Physician, Inc. (FPI) or the School of Dentistry, Dental Clinic, you will be able to validate your parking with them. Be sure to bring your parking ticket with you for validation. For all other services, please consult with them directly.

Will the old coupons/ validations work on the new system? 

No, due to technology changes, the old coupons/validations will not work with the new system.

Can I reserve parking in advance? 

While this is a feature of the new system, it is not enabled at this time.

Can I pay for my parking with my phone? 

While this is a feature of the new system, it is not enabled at this time.

What happened to the old paper tickets? 

With new technology, the need for paper is significantly reduced. This is part of our dedication to UMB's Core Value of Sustainability by reducing paper waste and decreasing our carbon footprint.

How do I enter and exit the garage with the new ticket? 

  1. Upon entering the garage facility, you will touch the touchscreen to obtain a ticket.
  2. Take ticket with you for validation (if applicable).
  3. Proceed to your designated appointment or location provided to you.
  4. If receiving a validation-
    1. Must be obtained prior to returning to the garage.
    2. Sticker validations must be adhered to the back of the ticket.
  5. Upon exit, scan the front of the ticket first.
    1. If validation was provided, scan the back of the ticket to determine amount due.
  6. Pay amount due.
  7. Exit garage facility.