EV Charging Policy

  • In a UMB garage facility, the first four hours will continue to be at NO charge for all EV charging station users.
  • After four hours, there will be a 30-minute grace period to allow those parkers time to move their vehicles from the EV charging stations.
  • After the grace period, a $2-per-hour fee will be charged to the payment method that is on file with ChargePoint. The charging fee will not exceed $10 per day.
  • This new policy applies 24/7 per session.

These changes will give other EV owners at UMB the opportunity to charge their EV vehicles while on campus. The purpose of the charging stations is to provide enough charge to return home, thus parking and not charging is not sustainable for all EV charging users.

Vehicles that are left in the EV spaces must be plugged in and charging. Violators will be subject to a parking citation issued by UMB Public Safety. 

To learn more about our EV charging program, click here. For questions about the new charging policy, please contact PTS’ Rodney Harris on this feedback form.

Electric Vehicle Relocation Procedure

Your “home garage” is your location when parking your vehicle. Relocation to another garage location as a matter of convenience is not permitted at any time.

  1. Lexington Garage is off-limits for relocating before 4pm if you are not assigned to the garage.
  2.  Please ensure that your AVI hangtag is stored away before relocating to another garage.
  3. Press the button for a ticket (do not throw the ticket away as it will be needed for validation purposes).  After 4pm and weekends using your AVI Hangtag will suffice.
  4. Prior to exit, you must call the Parking Cashiers Office at 410-706-5518 to have your ticket validated. This must be done before 4:30PM as the office closes at this time. If after 4:30 p.m., you will be responsible for the parking fee.
  5. When exiting, present your ticket to the cashier, who will process your ticket at no charge.
  6. Any deviation from the procedure may result in delays when exiting the garage and additional charges.

Please contact Rodney Harris rodney.harris@umaryland.edu or Stacy Holmes at stacy.holmes@umaryland.edu if you have any questions or concerns.

Charging Your Vehicle

The stations, manufactured by ChargePoint, Inc., charge two vehicles per station, when shared.

To charge your vehicle, you have the following options:

  • Contact 1-888-758-4389.
  • Use your ChargePoint Charge Pass.
  • Use the ChargePoint app on your iPhone or Android.
  • You must have a payment method on file to utilize the ChargePoint Stations.

Electric Vehicle Institute

Parking and Transportation Services has partnered with the Electric Vehicle Institute (EVI) to install three additional electric charging stations in Lexington Garage (two) and Plaza Garage (one).

The same rules apply to the EVI Stations as aforementioned. Instead of your payment method being on file, you will:

  1. Swipe your credit card at the reader on the station.
  2. Release the handle and plug in your vehicle.
  3. Your card will be charged after 4.5 hours has elapsed.
  4. A merchant service fee may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was this over limit fee imposed? 

In February 2022, Parking and Transportation held three focus sessions for electric vehicle users and other interested members of the UMB community to discuss many of the issues EV users faced. It was determined that a policy was needed to be implemented whereby all EV parkers would get an opportunity to use the stations if needed. Parkers currently are not abiding by the posted four-hour charging limit and park in the spaces all day. We hope this new policy will help change the habits of some of our EV parkers.

What will be the new EV station rule? 

The new rule is as follows: No fee for the first 4 hours and 30 minutes. After the 4.5-hour limit is expired, an over limit fee will kick in at $2 an hour with a maximum of $10.  

Will this fee be imposed every day on campus? 

Yes, this fee will be in effect every day 24/7. 

How will this fee be collected?  

You must have a payment method (credit/debit card) on file to use the stations. 

Will the EV parkers use the station the same as before? 

The only difference is that you must have a payment method on file to use the station.

You have another brand of station (EVI-Elective Vehicle Institute) at some locations. Does this apply? 

When using the EVI Station, you will have to swipe your credit/debit card first to use it. The over limit fee rule will apply as well.

Will I be ticketed if I am parked in the EV space and not plugged in? 

Yes. You will receive a citation for breaking this rule.

Will I be charged more than $10 if I stay over the 4.5-hour limit? 

No, but credit fees may apply according to your credit card agreement.