Lab Auditing

Scientists performing a lab audit

The University audit program is designed to provide staff and students with a safe working environment, address environmental protections, and ensure compliance with federal and state regulations covering work in laboratories.

Lab audits are conducted at least annually for basic laboratory safety, covering general safety and health hazards as well as the proper handling and disposal of hazardous materials. Additional audits may occur if your laboratory uses materials that represent a high risk to workers or to the environment, such as any radiation or select agent use.

It is the responsibility of the principal investigator or responsible party assigned to each space to respond to lab audit findings within 30 days of posting. If findings are not addressed in a timely manner, EHS reserves the right to bring this to the attention of University management. In addition, you risk increased liability to the University and yourself by not correcting safety hazards or environmental problems.

Who To Contact

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Lab Audit team.

Angelica Nadali (General lab)
EHS Specialist
(410) 706-7055

Erik Corbitt (Radiation)
Radiation Health Technician
(410) 706-7055

Erin Myers (Radiation)
Lead Health Physicist
(410) 706-7055