Additional Information on Audit Findings

Lab auditing is for the benefit of the entire University community. EHS strives to educate the research community on why these findings are important, what impact they may have on yourself and others, and therefore encourage compliance and awareness of the potential hazards to enhance safety.

Whether or not EHS conducts a follow-up inspection is determined by the Lab Audit Team. The notification of a need for a follow-up inspection will be included in the Laboratory Safety Audit Report. The follow-up inspection is to ensure that all violations for that lab are addressed. The follow-up will be scheduled no later than 30 days after receiving the Laboratory Safety Audit Report or by appointment. We encourage at least one member of the laboratory to be present at the time of the follow-up. 

Violations that would prompt a follow-up inspection:

  • Poor housekeeping
  • Electrical cords are damaged
  • Biohazardous waste stored in public areas
  • Chemical or radioactive waste was found in the biohazardous waste
  • Chemical containers unlabeled or labeled improperly
  • Chemical containers are in poor condition
  • Chemicals not segregated by compatibility
  • Acids are stored with flammables
  • Oxidizers are stored with flammables
  • Water-reactive chemicals are stored near water
  • Peroxide-forming chemicals not dated upon receipt and opening
  • Peroxide-forming chemicals stored beyond the expiration date
  • Unauthorized radioactive material is present in the lab
  • Biosafety cabinets not tested annually
  • Chemical waste not labeled with constituents and date
  • Chemical waste containers in poor condition
  • Chemical waste containers open or unsealed
  • Chemical waste is stored in excess of regulatory limits
  • Sprinkler heads are obstructed
  • Combustibles within 18 inches of ceiling 

Below is a summary of common areas that are often the focus of laboratory audits. Expand the links below to see discussion on how to resolve specific findings.

Contact EHS at (410) 706-7055 or if you have additional questions or require assistance.

Focused Laboratory Audits