New, Departing, or Temporarily Clearing Labs

This section is intended to be a resource for labs that are:

  1. Newly arriving to UMB,
  2. Soon to be departing the university, or
  3. Temporarily clearing their space for a specific purpose, such as prior to construction or floor cleaning. 

Setting Up a New Lab

This page summarizes EHS resources that are often needed by new labs, as well as some common topics and questions.

Laboratory Clearance

The forms below contain instructions for clearance of lab space for cleaning, maintenance, or vacancy.

For EHS pickup of hazardous waste, please see the page on Hazardouse Waste Management.

Equipment Clearance 

The form below can be used to clear equipment prior to recycling/disposal.


Contact Us

For questions or concerns, call the EHS main line at (410) 706-7055 or find individual points of contact on the following pages: