Audit Checklists and Follow Up

Audit Checklists, Common Findings, Corrective Actions

See the General and Radioactive Lab Audit Checklists below for a list of the commonly cited findings, as well as their corrective actions.

These lists can be used as a self-check resource prior to an inspection as well as throughout the year. Contact EHS at (410) 706-7055 or if you have any questions about the findings or resolutions.

The Most Commonly Cited Findings are:

  • Chemical labeling inadequate or missing
  • Eyewash concerns identified
  • Secondary containment concerns
  • Corrosive chemicals stored above eye level
  • Updated door sign not posted
  • Chemical storage compatibility issues
  • Reusing disposable gloves
  • Needles being recapped
  • Flammables found in household refrigerators
  • Compressed gases not secured
  • Biosafety cabinet certification past due
  • Biohazard trash too full
  • Evidence of eating and drinking
  • Items stored less than 18 inches from ceiling or sprinkler head
  • Unprotected sharps are in the laboratory

For a helpful presentation on why you may have been cited for these findings and what you can do to correct them, please see our Top 10 Lab Audit Findings Presentation.

Here are some helpful documents to post in your lab: