Center for Information Technology Services



UMB has an Enterprise contract with WebEx which allows all faculty, staff and
students to participate in online meetings and classes, receive training in the use
of the product, and access 24x7 live online support.  

The number of meeting Host licenses for each school and administrative division
is strictly limited, and these will be allocated by the authorized WebEx contact 
within these schools/departments.  Only a Host can create a meeting, but the 
Host can designate an Alternate Host from among the meeting participants, 
and/or pass the Presenter role among meeting participants as often as desired.  In addition,
anyone can participate in a WebEx meeting or access WebEx online training by logging on as a Guest.

Here is General Information on Using WebEx at UMB:

PowerPoint Video Introduction to WebEX

Using WebEx at UMB: General Information

Setting Up Your Account As A WebEx Host

How To Schedule A WebEx Meeting

Joining a WebEx Meeting

Hosting A WebEx Meeting: Procedures and Best Practices