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Virtual or In-Person Office Hours, by Appointment

We invite you to attend virtual or in-person office hours to ask questions, offer ideas or suggestions, and to schedule additional appointments. Schedule an appointment here.

Program Requests-Student Events Only

URecFit and Wellness offers a variety of health education topics that students can choose from to fit your programming needs. Some examples include:

  • Maintaining healthy habits
  • The health benefits of sleep
  • Mental and emotional health topics
  • Stress management
  • Growth mindset
  • How to identify and use your strengths

Complete this program request form to request a specific program and to learn more about our programs. Please allow at least two weeks’ notice for all programming. *This is a student service. Staff and faculty may attend select programs. 

Individual Wellness Consultations for Students

We offer appointments for confidential, personalized health and well-being sessions with a wellness staff member. Individual wellness consultations are designed to help you identify and reach your wellness goals, to guide you towards specific health and well-being resources, and to share successful habit formation and health behavior change information. Complete this form to request an individual wellness consultation.

*This is a student service. 

* Health and Well-Being consultations are not intended for clinical health services. If you are seeking mental health or primary care treatment, you can contact the Student Counseling Center or the Student Health Center.  

Chat with a Peer Health and Wellness Educator

Peer Health and Wellness Educators support fellow UMB students and empower them to make healthy choices. Peer health and wellness educators connect their peers to campus resources and offer health education on a variety of important health and wellbeing topics. Students can also sign up to "chat with a peer educator." These one-on-one chats provide a safe space for students to engage in open dialogue to discuss health and wellness goals and concerns. 

Schedule with a Peer Educator 

Rebecca Romano My name is Becca.  And I am one of the Peer Educators here at URecFit and Wellness.  I am also a graduate nursing student in the MSN CNL Program here at UMB.  As an aspiring nurse, I am especially passionate about health and wellness.  Some things I enjoy doing for my own health and wellness include, cycling, taking outdoor walks in nature, eating clean, prioritizing quality sleep, praying, gratitude journaling, and spending quality time with loved ones.  It brings me great joy to assist and encourage others in meeting their own health and wellness goals.  No matter where you are at on your journey, or what your goals are, you are not alone.  I believe in you!  Let’s get started. Schedule with Rebecca here. 

Waldemar Thormes I'm a dedicated healthcare professional with a 22-year Navy veteran background, proudly rooted in Dominican heritage while raised in the vibrant landscapes of New York and New Jersey. My journey has encompassed various healthcare settings, from hospitals and clinics to serving in combat zones in Iraq and participating in humanitarian missions across the Pacific. Growing up in an inner city as one of four boys raised by a single mother has underscored my passion for healthcare reform, ensuring equitable access to quality care. At UMB, my role extends beyond the traditional boundaries of healthcare. In addition to my academic pursuits, including a Master's in Healthcare Administration and ongoing work towards a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, I am a certified Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt. My passion for fitness and a commitment to motivating others toward a healthier lifestyle have been an integral part of my journey. I firmly believe that optimal healthcare is intertwined with physical wellness, and I'm enthusiastic about fostering a culture of fitness and wellbeing. As a peer mentor, my aim is to inspire and guide the next generation of healthcare professionals, instilling in them the values of dedication, compassion, and the importance of a healthy, balanced life. Schedule with Wally here.

Aishwarya Venkataraman I am a medical doctor from India and a first-year student in the MS Human Genetics and Genomic Medicine program at UMB. I am passionate about conducting research in, and working to further, medicine and human health. I believe wellness should be prioritized and that small, but regular, habits go a long way. Sunny days and the outdoors make me happy, and I am invariably excited about any activity involving a combination of the two! I also enjoy reading and am always delighted to exchange book recommendations. As a peer wellness educator at URecFit and Wellness, I hope to help you achieve your wellness goals. Schedule with Aishwarya here. 


Health and Wellness Challenges

Have you and your fellow students been thinking about a little healthy competition to establish or re-set a healthy habit? Would you like to eliminate a behavior? Please join URecFit and Wellness for a health and wellness challenge. Sign up with us and receive weekly tips and encouragement, connect with other participants asynchronously, and join an in-personfinal event. Prizes will also be raffled off at the end of each challenge.

Upcoming Health Challenges:

February 2024: Healthy Sleep Challenge Join us throughout the month of February for a healthy sleep challenge. Sign up and you will receive a weekly sleep tip and challenge to complete. Participate in activities such as using a sleep tracker, sleep diary, practicing sleep hygiene, and be entered into a raffle to receive a UMB fleece blanket. Participants will also receive a sleep mask, earlplugs, carrying case, lavendar sachet, and journal when you register. Take the month of February to prioritize your sleep and establish an improved healthy habit. Sign up here

March 2024: Spring in Your Step Walking Challenge is a 6-week asynchronous walking challenge that will help you move more and achieve your fitness goals. Every Monday, we will send you a new challenge that you must complete that week. You will see that even small changes in your lifestyle and habits can contribute to making you more active, and less sedentary. Walking is an integral part of our daily lives, and as such, can be used as a tool to achieve and maintain fitness. How? Register here  to find out!

Outdoor Wellness Challenge Spring has sprung, and the Office of Sustainability and URecFit and Wellness invite you to join us for an Outdoor Wellness Challenge from Monday, April 15 to Friday, May 10. Research shows that spending time in nature can impact our health and well-being in many ways. During the challenge, we will share tips about mindfully engaging your senses outdoors, improved circadian rhythms, sun protection, and more. We will also provide a weekly challenge for you to integrate into your time outdoors. Register here and get outside this spring! 

Examples of health challenges:

  • Steps/Walking Challenge
  • Meditation Challenge
  • Hydration Challenge
  • Nutrition Challenge
  • Eliminate alcohol/other vices
  • Gratitude Challenge
  • Reading Challenge
  • Outdoor Challenge
  • Sleep Challenge
  • Fitness Challenge