Frequently Asked Questions

Will Cohort 6 be in-person or virtual? 

In an effort to provide flexibility for program participants, Cohort 6 coaching group meetings and program events will be offered as outlined here: 

Coaching Group Meetings: Participants will meet once each month with their assigned coaching group on their scheduled day, time, and platform (in-person or virtual). The schedule has been pre-determined by each coach and the options are indicated on the application.

Program Events: Program events are one-hour presentations on an array of career-related topics. During Cohort 6, most program events will be held virtually on Zoom. There may be limited in-person events announced during the program. Current participants and program alumni are invited to attend all program event offerings. The full event schedule will be provided at orientation.

How many people are assigned to a coaching group? 

Each coaching group is led by a coach and there will be five to six participants in each group.

How are participants assigned to a coaching group? 

On the application, applicants are given the opportunity to select their top three preferences for their coaching group schedule, which includes the day, time, and platform. Participants selected for the program are assigned to one of their preferences. Other factors considered in the assignment process include the participant’s school or unit to help avoid overlap as much as possible. Applicants also may provide additional comments on the application that may help in determining a suitable coaching group assignment.

When and where does each coaching group meet? 

Groups will meet for one hour each month during the assigned day and time. Each coach will inform their group of meeting details and logistics.

What topics are discussed in the coaching group meetings and program events? 

The monthly topics for Cohort 6 include: Starting Your New Journey (Goal-Setting); Taking Charge of Your Career; Building Your Personal Board of Advisors; Networking; Managing Up; Negotiating; and Communicating.

How do participants get updates and information throughout the program? 

Program announcements and updates are delivered via email and posted on the program’s Microsoft Teams site.  

How can participants get the most out of their coaching experience? 

Actively participate in coaching group meetings, engage in the discussions, and ask questions. Be sure to complete any pre-work or self-assessments and attend program events to gain information on the skills. Each coach has a wealth of experience, so be sure to tap into her knowledge! Find ways to connect with fellow group members. Use the program not just to learn, but also to share career experiences, perspectives, and advice with others. Lastly, keep an open mind — this is a great opportunity for personal growth!

What if a participant doesn’t think their coaching group is a good fit? 

Participants are encouraged to discuss any concerns with their coach or share them with the program’s planning team via email at for possible resolution.

What if a participant begins the program but is unexpectedly no longer able to attend coaching group meetings or program events? 

Participants are expected to regularly attend coaching group meetings (with no more than one UNEXCUSED absence) and are expected to attend at least two program events. It is highly recommended to discuss any issues with the coach to determine if there are any alternative solutions. It’s always best to communicate concerns before withdrawing from the program.

Will participants receive a certificate? 

All participants who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate at the end of the program. To receive a certificate of completion, participants are expected to:

  • attend the program orientation.
  • regularly attend monthly coaching group meetings.
  • attend at least two program events.
  • attend the closing event.

How can participants stay connected after completing the program? 

Participants are encouraged to stay connected with fellow participants and seek at least one accountability “buddy” from the group to maintain support and camaraderie. Once participants complete the program, they will be a part of the network of program alum and invited to all future events offered by the UMBrella Coaching Program.