1. What is Castle Branch?

Castle Branch (CB) is a valued resource that allows students to organize, track, and maintain their immunization and screening requirements for UMB registration electronically.

All incoming students are required to upload their immunization documentation directly to CB.

2. Can’t I just give my immunization records to Student Health?

NO. All students must create a CB account, using their “@ number" as the student ID, and upload their immunization record.

3. I don’t have any of my immunization records, what do I do?

If you are unable to obtain your immunization records, you must have a blood test (titer) performed to determine your immunity status. Come to Student Health, lower level, 408 W. Lombard St., and speak with one of the representatives for further instruction.

4. Whom do I contact regarding my health insurance and benefits?

Gallagher Student Customer Service 844-288-4916 or www.gallagherstudent.com

5. If I need to get vaccinations, where do I get them and is there a fee?

UMIC, 408 W. Lombard St. All immunizations that are required of UMB students are *FREE. *The student must provide documentation of an active health insurance policy.

6. Can I walk in at any time to get my vaccinations?

Students are urged to take advantage of our shot time clinic (STC). Requesting vaccinations outside of STC may not be honored in a timely manner. 

7. Can I waiver the flu shot?

Yes, there is waiver/declination form that you must sign to decline the vaccine (Upload Influenza Declination Form to CB). 

8. I’m a new student and I’ve already had 1 PPD. Do I need another one?

All students are required to have two PPDs placed OR one TSPOT/TB Gold blood test within 12 months of entrance to UMB. (EXCLUDING law/Grad PHD/Social Work students, only one PPD or TSPOT/TB GOLD Test is required)

If you have received the BCG vaccine or were born outside of the U.S., it is suggested for you to get an IGRA blood test (TB Gold/T Spot).

9. What if I’ve had a positive PPD; should I get another PPD?

No. DO NOT have a PPD test placed. Documentation of a Chest X-ray performed within the last 5 years andTB Questionaire for Positive PPD  or aTB Gold/ T Spot test within 12 mo. Upload documentation to CB. 

10. What if I am pregnant? Should I still get immunizations?

If there are immunizations that you are missing based on UMB’s requirements, first, have titers drawn. If not immune to a specific disease, discuss it with your OBGYN or a Student Health Provider to decide if you should be immunized or wait until delivery. If you and your provider decide to wait until after delivery to receive any immunizations, provide a letter on letterhead from your provider stating their recommendations and estimated delivery date. Upload the letter to CB and then contact Student Health immediately. CB will not accept the document without clarification from Student Health.

11. I have had chickenpox disease before; do I need to get the vaccine?

UMB no longer accepts history of disease as proof of immunity. If you have had chickenpox and do not have proof of being vaccinated (2 vaccine dates), you must have a titer performed to document immunity. If the titer results are negative, you must complete the vaccine series.

12. I have had all three Hepatitis B vaccines as a child. I have my records and provided them to Castle Branch; what is the Hepatitis B Second Action?

All students (excluding Law and Grad) regardless of Hepatitis B immunization status, are required to obtain a titer to establish immunity. Whether the test results are positive OR negative, they must be provided to CB. The lab results are required to fulfill the Hepatitis B Second Action. ***If the titer results are negative, the student must repeat the Hepatitis B vaccination series (3 vaccines) and upload each vaccine as they are received. An additional titer is to be performed 4-6 weeks after receiving the third and final vaccine (final titer result also provided to CB).

13. I got titers for MMR and I am immune to two of three components; do I have to get a new 2-shot series of MMR?

No, only a booster vaccine is required. If you have no immunities to all three (3) components, you are required to repeat the series (2 doses of MMR vaccine).