Electronic Vaccine Record

Vaccination Reporting

As part of our dedication to maintaining a safe and healthy campus environment, we have partnered with CastleBranch to streamline the electronic reporting of your vaccine records. Here's everything you need to know about CastleBranch and how to submit your vaccine information and manage your documents. Please note that COVID-19 requirements for students who have this requirement must be entered in the COVID-19 Management Portal here.

What is CastleBranch?

CastleBranch is a secure and user-friendly platform that facilitates submitting and managing various documents related to your health and compliance requirements. In the context of vaccine reporting, CastleBranch allows you to easily submit your vaccine records, monitor your order status, respond to alerts, and complete your requirements electronically, eliminating the need for manual paperwork.

Accessing Castle Branch

  • To create a CastleBranch account, a PIN is required. Use your UMB student ID number as the PIN, but omit the "@" symbol and any leading zeros. For instance, if your ID number is "@00123456", enter "123456" as your PIN.
  • Locate Student ID number: Login to SURFS -> Click personal information, and your ID number will be on your left-hand side under your name.
  • For Incoming Students – To comply with the immunization requirements, please follow the instructions above by creating a secure My CB account using your UMB email address only. Once done, select your school/program and the appropriate package to place your initial order. Only umaryland email addresses will be accepted for account creation. This document contains instructions on how to place an order.
  • For Continuing Students –  To ensure compliance with immunization requirements, you can simply log into your existing account. If there are any pending tasks associated with your account or package, you can complete them within that account.  Please refrain from creating multiple accounts or packages for yourself. Also ensure your ID number is accurate and email address is of umaryland.edu.

If you encounter issues during the Castle Branch submission process or have questions about vaccine reporting, please contact our student health center at 667-214-1883 or shealth@som.umaryland.edu.

Thank you for your commitment to the health and safety of our campus community. Your cooperation in electronic vaccine record submission is greatly appreciated.