Sponsored Projects Procedures

Transfer a Grant to UMB

Research, Sponsored Projects   |   Approved October 19, 2017


Address key steps for moving a sponsored project (grant or other award) to the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) with an incoming investigator.


Investigators new to UMB and transferring a sponsored project from another organization. When an investigator transfers to UMB from another organization, the investigator may have a sponsored project that will transfer with them to UMB. 

For additional information, please review the Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) website on moving to UMB.


  1. Register for a Kuali Research user account, (see Kuali Research User Access procedure). UMB uses Kuali Research software for proposal development and routing.
    1. If a User Account is needed before moving to UMB, work with your UMB Department Administrator who will need to add you to the Community System as an Affiliate before the Kuali Research User Account can be created.
  2. Follow the eCommons Access and NSF Fastlane Access procedures to request an account or affiliate your existing account with UMB in these systems, if required for the transferring sponsored project(s).
  3. Provide information to your UMB department administrator about sponsored projects that will be transferred to UMB. You may also contact the SPA Team assigned to your UMB department/school to ask questions or provide information, but in most cases a department administrator coordinates the transfer.
  4. Follow Register for CICERO procedure if your work involves human subject research, animal research, or use of infectious agents, select agents, pathogens, recombinant DNA or RNA. Contact the relevant office for information about required training and for assistance with protocol preparation and submission.
  5. Working with the department administrator:
    1. Enter information in Kuali Research for approval routing for each transferring project;
    2. Prepare a budget for each transferring project, including UMB facilities and administrative (F&A) costs and fringe benefit rates. When the budget is created in Kuali Research, the system automatically applies the current rates;
    3. Identify subrecipients, if any, related to the project, and include them in the proposal and budget in Kuali Research. Remember that a subaward may need to be issued to your former institution if there is ongoing project work by a co-investigator; and
    4. Respond to questionnaires in Kuali Research and certify the proposal as part of the submission process.
  6. Follow sponsor instructions for submission of the transfer proposal, electronically or otherwise.
    • Typically, the sponsor will require information about UMB, its facilities as related to the project, a budget for the transfer amount, and information about changes to the project or assurance that the project will be completed as proposed.
  7. A temporary project may be appropriate. Work with your department administrator to submit a request that would allow the temporary project to be set up in UMB’s financial system and project-related spending to occur before receipt of the transfer award from the sponsor.
  8. Sponsored Projects Accounting and Compliance (SPAC) will notify the principal investigator when a project for your transferred award has been set up in the financial system. The project will be set up on receipt of the transfer award from the sponsor or on approval of the temporary project request.
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