Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Procedures

Register on CICERO

Research, Environmental Health and Safety   |   Approved May 14, 2015


Register and submit protocols with the Collaborative Institutional Comprehensive Evaluation of Research Online system (CICERO).


Employees, students, or volunteers on campus involved in laboratory research involving human, animal, or in vitro research.  

CICERO is an electronic system for the creation, submission, review, and routing of research protocols.  It allows for a central online submission of all the forms necessary for evaluation and approval of research studies by the Institutional Review Board (IRB), the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC), and the General Clinical Research Center (GCRC). 

Registration is required for everyone involved in research that requires submission, but only the PI (Primary Investigator) may submit the protocol.



  1. The following information is required to create a CICERO account:
    1. Employee/Affiliate ID
    2. Business Phone
    3. E-mail
    4. Department Division
    5. Full Name
    6. Title
    7. Address
    8. Degree
    9. Requested Modules Access
  2. Register online through the CICERO Research Evaluation Portal.
  3. If you have issues with your Log-In or Password, please email the School of Medicine Help Desk or call at 6-3998.
  4. If you are a PI and would like to discuss special privileges or additional access please email HRPO or call at 6-5037.


  1. Create and enter protocol for research submission.
  2. CICERO determines the appropriate routing of your proposal.
  3. Primary Investigator will be contacted by the appropriate officials.
  4. Follow any additional instructions provided by CICERO.
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