Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Procedures

Terminate Radioactive Materials Authorization

Research, Environmental Health and Safety   |   Approved May 14, 2015


Terminate authorization for radioactive material at University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB).


Primary Investigators or administrators who have previously received an authorized status for radioactive materials to terminate radioactive materials authorization.


  1. Provide written notification to the Radiation Safety Office requesting termination of authorization.  Email notification will suffice.
  2. Sewer Disposal Permit:
    1. If a sewer disposal permit was issued, cessation of sewer disposal activities is required.
    2. Leave the sewer disposal permit and post "Assume this Site is Contaminated" sign for removal by Radiation Safety personnel.
    3. Ensure completion of online sewer disposal log for each authorized site and place in laboratory next to disposal location for Radiation Safety personnel.
    4. See also: Radiation Safety Sewer Permit procedure.
  3. If there is radioactive material in the authorized user’s possession, the material may be transferred to another authorized user on or off campus or disposed of as radioactive waste.
    1. To complete a transfer: 
      1. The transfer of radioactive material to another authorized user on campus requires pre-approval by the Radiation Safety Office.  This approval can be obtained through email.  
        1. On Campus. A new Requisition Number and Receipt, Use and Disposal form (RUD) will be assigned to the material for the new user.  The original user will return the existing RUD to the Radiation Safety Office.  
        2. Off Campus. Prior to transfer a copy of the receiving institutions radioactive materials license must be obtained.
    2. If there is radioactive waste present in the assigned room, the waste must be disposed. See Disopsal of Radioactive Waste procedure.  
      1. If the remaining isotope is disposed, the corresponding yellow RUD must be returned to the Radiation Safety Office.
  4. Once all radioactive material including waste has been removed from the laboratory, a final contamination survey should be performed.
  5. Return all film badges and holders to the Radiation Safety Office.
  6. Radiation Safety Personnel must check any equipment that is present in the room and labeled with a "Caution Radioactive Materials" sign prior to removal of stickers.
  7. Radiation Safety Personnel will then perform closeout inspection to include wipe tests and meter surveys of the laboratory and will remove all signs and postings.  In addition, Radiation Safety Personnel will perform an examination of the room to ensure that all radioactive waste and material has been removed.
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