Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Procedures

Facility Registration of Radioactive Materials Authorization

Research, Environmental Health and Safety   |   Approved May 14, 2015


Register a new facility, re-register, or change the status of a facility or use for radioactive materials authorization.


Primary Investigators or administrator seeking to register a new facility, re-register, or change the status of a facility at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB). 

Facility Registration is required for all authorized users, regardless of shared spaces or registration of the facility by another Authorized User. 

Contamination surveys must be performed and recorded at least once each month when radioactive material is present, in use, or in storage. Identify the locations and items that will be routinely wipe tested as part of the required contamination surveys for this facility. Include locations where radioactive materials are routinely used or stored such as: hoods and refrigerators as well as floors and benches, approved disposal sinks, passageways and other high traffic areas, including door handles. Also list all equipment in which radioactive material will be used or stored.


  1. Prior to the occupation of the facility, complete online Facility Registration Form and submit to Radiation Safety Office.
  2. The Radiation Safety Office will notify Authorized User if facility has been approved or will contact them from the information provided on the Faculties Registration Form if more information is required.
  3. Once the room has been added to the authorization, a "Caution Radioactive Materials" sticker should be attached to the door sign.
    1. In addition, appropriate postings should be placed in the room (i.e. State of Maryland Department of the Environment Notice to Employees, Radiation Emergency Procedures and Good Radionuclide Lab Practices).
  4. Applicant shall notifying Radiation Safety in writing, if there are:
    1. Any substantial physical changes to the facility, or
    2. Changes in the activities conducted in the facility.
  5. In addition at least two weeks prior to discontinuing work with radioactive material in this facility applicant shall notifying Radiation Safety in writing.
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