Student MTA Pass

Transportation can be a significant expense that quickly adds up, whether it's commuting to school or exploring a new city. Public transportation allows for students to ride at a discounted rate. 

Baltimore has many modes of public transportation run by the MTA offering a range of benefits to students. By using public transportation or the shuttle you are significantly helping decrease your carbon footprint and traffic.

Bus Passes

The CharmPass is a ticketing app that helps you buy tickets directly on your smartphone. CharmPass helps manage your transportation needs from you phone. 

The All Access College Pass program allows students to enroll in a pass program though mobile CharmPass account. Once enrolled, you will receive instruction on how to use your mobile CharmPass account. 

All Access College Pass - Students Application

Marc Train

The MARC Train is another great way that students can get around town.  MARC Train offers students a discount through the Marc Student Advantage Program. 

More about the Marc Student Advantage Program.