Faculty and Staff MTA Benefits

Maryland Transit Administration Updated Service Adjustments

Updates to MTA service enhancements and route modifications together with frequency improvements and runtime adjustments information is provided using the link. In addition, a list of bus stop modifications is provided, which includes stop additions, discontinuations, and reactivations. Two new fare products will also be introduced. Please review the MTA website for all changes.


University System of Maryland Free Transit Benefit (for eligible employees) uses the MTA Charm Mobile App.

Free MTA Ridership Extended to All Permanent (Regular) UMB Staff and Faculty

In order to take part in this benefit, eligible employees will need to click on the link below. Employees will need to choose the reason for the transit benefit - first time (new) or yearly renewal.  All new participants must enroll by the 23rd of the month to receive the next months transit mobile pass. Any new enrollment after the 23rd will be enrolled on the following months enrollment cycle. Once enrollment has been confirmed, after enrollment period ends, an email will be sent to complete the enrollment process. Please do not create a MTA Charm Mobile account until you receive your confirmation email with instructions.Passes are made available the 1st of every month once enrolled. You will only need to complete the enrollment 1x until a new renewal period is established by the MTA. There is no need to renew your MTA on a monthly basis after your initial enrollment.

USM Free Transit Mobile App Enrollment


Eligible UMB employees include permanent (regular) faculty and staff. Contingent I and II employees, postdoctoral fellows, research fellows, graduate research and teaching assistants, and students are not eligible for this benefit.

Ineligible employees (excluding students and graduate research/teaching assistants) may continue to participate in the MTA Commuter Benefit via payroll deduction.  Submit a completed application and payroll deduction card to the Cashier's Office at the SMC Campus Center, Lower Level. You must use payroll deduction to pay for the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) pass. All MTA passes are distributed through the MTA CharmPass Mobile app.

All eligible students can enroll in the All Access College pass program through a Mobile Charm pass account using the link below.

All Access College Pass - Students

Once enrolled, you will receive instructions on how to use your MTA Student All Access Charm Pass account.

What’s Included

A new Maryland law provides free ridership services for all permanent (regular) USM faculty and staff members on Maryland Transit Administration’s (MTA) systems.  Permanent (regular) status UMB faculty and staff can use the Light Rail, the Baltimore Metro Subway, local bus service, and the Baltimore regional commuter bus service lines (120, 150, 210, 215, 310, 320, 410, 411, and 420) at no charge by presenting their MTA Charm Mobile app or Maryland State Issued ID.

What’s Not Included?

The free Mass Transit Benefit currently does not include the MARC trains, any special event buses, or non-Baltimore region commuter buses.

How to enroll in the University System of Maryland Free Transit Benefit?

(see above)

What if I do not want to download the MTA Charm Mobile App, what options are available?

Eligible employees who wish not to download the MTA Charm Mobile app will need to complete a separate application for the Maryland State Employee ID. Employees are not able to participate in both the State ID program and the MTA Mobile app.  Do not start the application until you are ready to do so with a copy of a state issued id. Once application is completed, the application will be electronically sent to an identified coordinator for verification and acceptance. Please do not change the email destination on the form. Further information will be provided by the coordinator on when, how and where to obtain the State ID. All cards are picked up in person, photo will be taken at the State designated office and a State Security Card Acknowledgment will need to be signed on-site.

When completing the application, please choose the appropriate coordinator -

  • Shannette Taylor-Hawkins - Operations/Maintenance/EVS
  • Robert Milner - All UMB Schools
  • John Yurich - Administrative Units (not within a school)


MARC Train Pass

UMB and PTS are pleased to offer a program for MARC riders. This convenient and affordable program will allow UMB employees to benefit from pre-tax savings, along with the convenience of picking up your monthly pass from the PTS cashier's office.All MARC passes must be paid for via payroll deduction and passes are ordered a month prior to ticket month. Please see the MTA payroll deduction schedule on this page for more information.


Check out the brochure for more information and submit a completed application to the cashier's office at the SMC Campus Center, Lower Level.

MTA Pass

If you are considered ineligible for the MTA Charm Mobile App, you can receive a monthly MTA pass for the following transportation services:  Bus system in Premium Commuter zones 1 through 4 and MARC Train System. MTA passes cannot be purchased in conjunction with employee parking using a bi-weekly deduction.

MTA passes are through the MTA CharmPass Mobile app. Enrollment is through the commuter pass application form and payroll deduction.

For more information and to learn about the new fare prices, visit MTA.


Payroll Deduction

Your pre-tax deduction will appear on your next pay stub.

Download the MTA Payroll Deduction Schedule .


  • Reduce gas expenses
  • Reduce driving time and wear on vehicle
  • Save on federal, state, and FICA taxes

Savings (based on 28 percent tax bracket):



Monthly MTA Commuter Zone 2 pass $136
 University contribution $28
 Cost before tax benefit $108
 Average 28 percent federal + 7.5 percent state + 7.65 percent FICA tax $46.60
 Savings based on pre-tax deduction  $74.60

This represents a 55 percent cost savings off the retail price of $136.

Savings (based on 15 percent tax bracket):



Monthly MTA Commuter Zone 2 pass $136
 University contribution $28
 Cost before tax benefit $108
 Average 15 percent federal + 7.5 percent state + 7.65 percent FICA tax $32.56
 Savings based on pre-tax deduction  $60.56

This represents a 45 percent cost savings off the retail price of $136.