The Office of Parking and Transportation Services wants to help students, faculty, and staff reduce their impact on the environment by offering a variety of alternative transportation programs.

When we reduce our reliance on single-occupancy vehicles, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve air and water quality, reduce dependence on foreign oil, alleviate traffic congestion, and improve public health and equity. In doing so, we will help to improve the quality of life of our University community and neighbors.

Guaranteed Ride Home

Provided by Commuters Connections, UMB Guaranteed Ride Home program provides commuters with a FREE and reliable ride home up to four times per year via cab or rental car.

Use Guaranteed Ride Home for:

  • Unexpected emergencies such as personal illness or a sick child
  • Unscheduled overtime

For more information, call 1-800-745-7433.

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UMB RideShare Program

UMB Rideshare offers students, staff, and faculty a fun and easy way to get around. Drive your own car and split costs by offering rides, or if you don’t have a car, find a ride with someone who’s going your way. Use UMB Rideshare to find transit options, cycling routes, and bike and transit buddies, too!

How to Register: 

  • Sign in with your UMID
  • Enter your trip profile (origin, destination, travel preferences, schedule, comments)
  • Confirm your email
  • Search for commute options
  • Contact a UMB community member to start ridesharing
  • Log your sustainable travel choices and see what a difference you're making!
As a UMB Rideshare participant, you get:
  • Assurance that you’re being matched with the UMB community only and your information is secure
  • An easy way to share your commute and find sustainable options

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