Billing Information

Non-Billable Services

General funds are used to maintain and repair campus buildings (exterior and interior) including structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems for educational and general purpose buildings and rooms/office areas. Not included are residential apartments and auxiliary facilities.

Billable Services

Departments are charged for discretionary requests for services that involve non-routine work, building alterations, renovations, improvements, additional services, and requests that are outside the scheduled routine. Click here to view the billable list of services.

Auxiliary Facilities

Certain departments on campus are billed for all requests and routine maintenance. This includes residential apartments, parking facilities, and recreational sports facilities. 

For requests for on campus housing buildings, call UMB Housing at 410-706-5523, or submit a request using the housing portal.

Billing FAQs

Do you have questions about a recent charge to your department's account? If so, read answers to the following frequently asked questions about Operations & Maintenance's billing procedures.

If I have a question about the charges, who do I contact? 

Direct inquiries to the Service Center at 410-706-7570 or email at

How often do you bill? 

We are billing the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.

What charges will we be billed for each billing cycle?  

O&M is now progressively billing. This means, you may see charges for the same work order and phase on multiple billing reports. Charges will be billed as they are added to the work order. Since our software is integrated with Quantum, when we purchase materials or hire a contractor, we must wait for that expense to hit in Quantum before it will be added to the work order for us to bill. 

We have included the date the transaction occurred as well as the date each transaction was billed for your reference.   

Who receives billing reports?  

The primary contact on the request. If you completed a request on someone else’s behalf and entered their contact informationyou will not receive the billing report, but the person who you listed as the contact will receive it 

How is the report sorted?  

The report sorts your requests first by the funding source you selected (SOAPF or Project Number), followed by the building where the work occurred, and then the work order numbers that were billable during this billing cycle. Under each work order you may see multiple phases. In some cases there will be multiple phases for the same shop if more than one technician and/or contractor is completing work on your request.  You will also see multiple phases if more than one shop is working on your request. 

What if I don’t have a SOAPF to charge a billable request to?  

Contact the Service Center at 410-706-7570 or email at

My department set aside some of this year’s funds for enhancements that cannot be scheduled until next fiscal year. We don’t want to lose these funds. Can you charge us the estimate now? 

We cannot charge you for the estimated cost now. Operations and Maintenance charges for actual work done. An estimate cannot be used as a basis for an actual charge.