About the Office

Our Mission

Through exceptional facilities services, we enable learning and discovery, community and care, and economic and environmental sustainability.

Our Vision

To be a valued partner in the success of our schools.

Our Values

  • We value the power of place, where people meet and purpose is fulfilled, and our role as the stewards of this great collaboration.
  • We value the time, talent, and intentions of the individual and the contribution to the power of the group each individual makes.
  • We value collaboration and communication with our schools and within our department wherever this facilitates the fulfillment of our mission.
  • We value responsible behavior, conducting ourselves civilly, respectfully, responsibly, and ethically, and holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards for the efficient use of the resources in our charge.
  • We value excellence in the seamless delivery of facilities services.
  • We value our role in adapting our facilities and services to the dynamics of research, instruction, technology, and society while embracing our responsibility to our history and the broader community.