Submit Requests

Expand the below content to learn how to gain access to Sunapsis to submit visa requests to OIS.

Visit the specific visa sponsorship pages in the left-menu for guidance on each visa type and requirements for the submitting the request in Sunapsis.

About Sunapsis 

Sunapsis is the platform that the Office of International Services uses to manage the international student and scholar population at UMB.


  • Electronic submission for all visa sponsorship requests
  • Transparent tracking of requests
  • Automated email reminders regarding visa status validity end dates
  • Correspondence attached to each student or scholar's file
  • Select data fed in from HRMS and Directory

Gain Host Department Access to Sunapsis 

Sunapsis Users must have a UMID and password in order to utilize the system.

Steps to Gain Access

  1. Take the Sunapsis Department User Training and pass the quiz with a score of at least 80%.

    -->If you are a UMB employee or have access to HRMS, you can access the training through the UMB Learning Hub. Instructions below.

    -->If you are an employee of FPI or UMMC, you can find the Sunapsis training in the UMMSU. Instructions below.

  2. Send a copy of your completion certificate to

  3. Request access to Sunapsis by going to the Sunapsis website, logging in with your UMID and password, and completing the "Departmental Access Request Form".

  4. Wait for the e-mail confirming your access from the Office of International Services (allow up to 2 business days).

How to Enroll in the Online Training

UMB eLearning Instructions (UMB Employees)

  1. Navigate to the UMB e-Learning Site and login with your UMID and password.

  2. Once logged in, type "Sunapsis" in the search bar at the top of the eLearning site.

  3. Select the Course "Sunapsis Department User Training."

  4. The course will pop-up in a new window (make sure pop-ups are enabled in your web browser).

  5. Complete the course and send us a screen shot of your completion certificate. Instructions for locating your certificate in Percipio.

UMMSU Instructions (FPI and UMMC Employees)

  1. Go to

  2. Search the catalog for "Sunapsis" and then register for the training.

Starting a request 

When you start a request for a scholar or employee, it is important to know if they are currently at UMB or have previously been at UMB. If yes, they should have a Sunapsis record already.

  • The University ID that is referenced in Sunapsis is a unique ID. You will find a list of current J-1 and H-1B employees in your department in Sunapsis, under "My Department's Employees and Scholars". If your department has individuals on unpaid appointments, please contact OIS to request their Sunapsis/University ID.
    • You will need to know the ID and the scholar/employee's date of birth to begin a request for them.