O-1 and PR Sponsorship

UMB departments may wish to hire or retain faculty and highly specialized scientific staff that are not eligible for J-1, H-1B, E-3 or TN temporary visas.

To hire an employee that is ineligible for the immigration statuses listed above, or secure further employment eligibility for an employee who is approaching the end of their eligibility in another temporary immigration status, UMB may be able to sponsor an O-1 temporary visa, or permanent residency (i.e., green card) status.

O-1 visas and many permanent residency petitions sponsored by UMB require demonstration of considerable professional achievements. These petitions are prepared by UMB’s outside legal counsel that have been contracted by the State of Maryland Attorney General’s office. Outside legal counsel is engaged by the Office of International Services. Fees and costs associated with the use of outside counsel are the hiring department’s responsibility and charged back to the department. Costs vary but in general are within the range of $6,500 to $10,000 for each employee.

Supervisors of international faculty and staff and their departmental administrators may seek further information by e-mailing ois-info@umaryland.edu. OIS staff will confer with Dean’s offices, Human Resource Services and the Office of University Counsel as appropriate to determine whether the employee has the superior credentials required for the petition to be likely to succeed.

All inquiries regarding O-1 and Permanent Residency sponsorship must be initiated by supervisors and departmental administrators, not international employees directly.