MGIC Policies & Procedures

MGIC Policies and Procedures cover the gamut of requirements and guidelines for UMB international activity that takes place through the MGIC mechanism.

Who uses the MGIC Policies and Procedures?

The primary users are personnel who operate from the MGIC country offices. This includes all employees assigned to work in or out of a country office, whether on UMB payroll, MGIC payroll, or another UMB-authorized payroll, and includes MGIC employees and UMB faculty, staff, fellows, students, interns, and volunteers who have country office roles.

In addition, UMB faculty and staff who oversee the implementation of UMB projects and activities by MGIC country offices use the MGIC Policies and Procedures when carrying out certain functions as they direct, collaborate with, and support those projects.

Moreover, International Operations follows the MGIC Policies and Procedures when engaging in international activities through the MGIC mechanism.

Why do we need them? How do they relate to UMB policies and procedures?

MGIC Policies and Procedures lay out expectations, requirements, and guidelines that support operational effectiveness and promote efficiency, ensure clarity and consistency in field operations, and set standards to which management is accountable. They seek to ensure that MGIC meets all applicable legal requirements of the countries where MGIC operates. MGIC Policies and Procedures align with relevant UMB policies and reflect applicable USG laws and regulations.

Complementing the MGIC Policies and Procedures, the MGIC Forms Library offers nearly 100 forms and templates for day-to-day international operations, including for procurement, payments, photo/video subject consent, contracting services, and more.