Frequently Asked Questions

Does MGIC give out grants for UMB international activities? 

MGIC is not a grant-making entity. Instead, the MGIC mechanism may be used to facilitate your funded activities when being performed outside of the US.

The Center for Global Engagement has grant opportunities for faculty and students.

When do UMB policies apply vs. when do MGIC policies apply? 

UMB institutional policies, reviews, approvals, and other procedures apply to UMB international activities, unless otherwise specifically stated, and to the extent practical, feasible, and not prohibited or restricted by foreign governments’ laws and regulations in the international context.

MGIC Policies and Procedures apply to the operations of all MGIC Country Offices (international branches or affiliates). They are used by UMB faculty and staff who provide direction and support to those country offices and by country office personnel in their day-to-day operations.

MGIC Policies and Procedures, as relevant, also apply to certain functions carried out by International Operations when tending to MGIC business and affairs or when the MGIC mechanism is used to facilitate international activities on behalf of UMB.

When do I use the MGIC Hotline vs. the UMB Hotline? 

If circumstances or events present an immediate threat to life or property and you require emergency assistance, please contact the local authorities first.

Use the MGIC Ethics Hotline to report any known or reasonably suspected wrongdoing or misconduct, including concerns about fraud, waste, abuse, harassment, and illegal behavior. You also should encourage those who interact with UMB and MGIC international offices and/or staff (e.g., clients, local partners, vendors) to use this hotline to report ethics concerns and potential violations of the applicable US and international laws or regulations.

You may utilize either the MGIC Ethics Hotline or the UMB Hotline to submit an ethics violation report. The teams that support both reporting mechanisms will immediately direct the concerns to the appropriate team. Please note that UMB and MGIC strive to review all reports as promptly and thoroughly as possible and greatly appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain our commitment to integrity and professionalism in our operations.

YOU are responsible for being vigilant for signs of wrongdoing and misconduct and for reporting them to a manager or through the hotlines. Failure to report may result in disciplinary action.