Mediation Training

Basic mediation and annual training are essential for mediator skill development. WMS is committed to the continued skill development of our mediation apprentices and roster members. Each year WMS provides mediation trainings, which includes content, technique development, and time to practice.

In 2020 the Workplace Mediation Service recruited UMB employees who were interested in joining our roster of mediators and provided them with the Basic Mediation Training. WMS mediator roster members and apprentices are required to participate in eight hours of continuing mediation training annually. 

Continuing Mediation Training 2022

2022 Dates


March 10

Role Play

March 25


April 8

Role Play

April 29

Role Play

May 3

Topics and MPME Presentation

October 5

Role Play

October 13 Power Dynamics 
October 19 Role Play
October 28 Role Play
November 10 Role Play
December 7 Intentional Questions

Continuing Mediation Training 2021

2021 Dates


February 9

FVT, Reflecting, and Defining and Exploring Topics

March 8

Role Play

April 8

Online Platform

May 7

Role Play

June 22


September 13

Role Play

September 30

Role Play

October 7

Learn More by Asking Better Questions

November 4

Role Play

November 15

Role Play

December 9

Mediation Run Through

Basic Mediation Training 2020

for UMB employees


The training is designed for employees who plan to join the Workplace Mediation Service mediator roster and have completed the WMS mediator application process. The 40-hour mediation training combines a large amount of experiential and simulation-based instruction. Trainees will practice, reflect, and cover material together and independently through synchronous remote sessions, role plays, session pre-work, and recorded content. 

This training meets the requirements of a basic mediation training under Maryland judicial rules. Topics covered in the training include:

  1. Dispute Resolution and Mediation Background
  2. Mediation Skills and Techniques
  3. Mediator Professional Responsibility
  4. Mediation Process Stages