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Tip: 3 Reasons to Communicate Your Appreciation at Work

Did you tell the cook how much you loved the Thanksgiving sweet potato pie? At work do you compliment your coworkers on a job well done? Try Positive Praise in the workplace, and the dinner table. Here are three reasons to share Positive Praise on the job:

Short-term Benefits: Positive Praise benefits the giver and receiver  It feels good to receive and give Positive Praise, positive feedback, and appreciation. Employees who receive Positive Praise are recognized and feel valued. Offering Positive Praise can boost your mood.

Long-term Benefit: Excellence in the workplace  UMB’s Excellence Core Value highlights that “Offering and receiving coaching and feedback are important parts of practicing excellence.” Coworkers, supervisors, and teammates are important sources of feedback. Positive feedback to a coworker or direct report reinforces professionalism, encourages repeat performances, and bolsters departmental excellence. 

Improved Workplace Communication  Staying silent breeds confusion. When we express our appreciation, we send a clear message. What comes from a clear message? Understanding. Sending clear messages is one way to improve communication in the workplace.

If you see something positive, say something positive.

Positive Praise can be effective in building a collegial workplace and promoting effective communication. Sometimes conflict arises in the workplace despite our hard work and best efforts, and we could use assistance. Consider the UMB Workplace Mediation Service as a free, voluntary and confidential resource.

Workplace Mediation Service:

Aisha Samples, MS

The Workplace Mediation Service is part of the Center for Dispute Resolution at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law (C-DRUM).

Resources for Positive Praise

How to share Positive Praise

  • Be specific about what you are praising
  • Say it out loud
  • Say it in person, when possible
  • Say it as soon as possible
  • Spread the word- share the praise with others

Starter phrases for Positive Praise:

28 Phrases the Most Likable Employees Use at Work by Marcel Schwantes

More reading:

Benefits Of A Year-Round Attitude Of Gratitude In The Workplace by Naz Beheshti

How Gratitude Can Transform Your Workplace by Kira M. Newman

Need help communicating your appreciation?  The Center for Dispute Resolution offers communication skills trainings.