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Stephanie Bowe, MLS

Stephanie Bowe outside of her Union Square home

Stephanie Bowe has worked at the Thurgood Marshall Law Library in the Carey School of Law for six years. She bikes to work every day (weather permitting) and enjoys going to the University Farmers Market at Plaza Park.

Head of Technical Services
Thurgood Marshall Law Library
Union Square Resident

How long have you lived in Union Square?

I’ve lived in Union Square for more than four years. I moved to Baltimore to work at UMB after working for the U.S. Supreme Court for four years. I definitely like Baltimore more than D.C. It’s far more laid-back and affordable.

What made you want to buy a home here?

I was looking for something close to work, and I fell in love with the neighborhood after renting in the area for a year. When a good deal popped up on a house, multiple people from the neighborhood let me know about it. I was able to get a foreclosure that was two apartments instead of a whole home. After fixing it up, I live in the first-floor apartment and rent out the upper apartment. I never thought I would be able to afford one of the big houses in Union Square that I used to walk past while I was out with my dog, Audrey. 

What do you love most about living in your neighborhood?

I love being able to bike or walk to work or an Orioles game or the Inner Harbor for a festival. Being close to things going on in the city is so great.

What sets Union Square apart from other Baltimore neighborhoods you’ve lived in?

I have lived in other neighborhoods in Baltimore and am very happy after choosing to make Union Square my home. Union Square has a great community with neighbors who care and an active community association that is diligently working to improve the neighborhood and address any concerns. I get to live in the city, near everything, yet have a quiet block, a big backyard, and a home that I love.

What is your relationship like with your neighbors?

I have the best neighbors. People watch out for each other. Someone is always willing to lend you tools or help out with a project. For the first few months after I moved in, I didn’t own a dining room table. When my family visited over the holidays, a neighbor lent me a table so we would have somewhere to sit and eat.

What are some of your favorite things to do in the area?

Besides attending Orioles games, I love going to the park with my dog. There are four parks within easy walking distance. It gives me a chance to catch up with neighbors and spend some time in nature. I also have a very large backyard for the city. I love gardening and have added many plants to my yard. Probably my favorite thing is hanging up my hammock and just spending time out there reading.

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