HRS Directory

Human Resource Services
620 W. Lexington St., 3rd floor
Baltimore, MD 21201
Main number: 410-706-2606

Office of the Associate Vice President  

Malika Monger, Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Linda Daley, Administrative Manager

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Benefits, Compensation, and Wellness

Patti Hoffmann, Director of Benefits, Compensation, and Wellness


Emily Winkler, Benefits Manager

Shirleen Moore, Senior Benefits Specialist

Vernell Cooper, HR Specialist

Peggy Vest, Benefits Analyst

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Wellness and Work Life

Jina Bacchus, Wellness and Work Life Manager

Yasmine Lee, Office Clerk II

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Emily Runser, Manager

Andrew George, Senior Compensation Specialist

Christina Baker, Compensation Specialist

Kelly Carr, Compensation Specialist

Breonna Smith, Compensation Specialist                 

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Employee, Labor Relations, Employee Leave, and Affirmative Action

Sunday Jones, Director

Sandra Jessee, ELR Manager

Lis Escobar, Leave Management & Employee Relations Administrator

Sheila Blackshear, Diversity, ADA and Affirmative Action Administrator

Jordan Cones, ELR Analyst

Morgan Bell, Senior ELR Specialist

Marina Sevdalis, Senior ELR Specialist

Kristin Kearney, Administrative Assistant

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Organization and Employee Development  

Zandra Rawlinson, Director

Michele Hunt, Senior OED Consultant

Kelly Ward, OED Specialist


Elisa Medina, Career Development Manager



Darissa Monroe, Staffing Director

Raymond Taylor, Staffing Manager

Amy Park-Chen, Senior Staffing Specialist

Jessica Moreno, Senior Staffing Specialist

Casandra Nesmith, Staffing Specialist

Megan Jones, Staffing Specialist

Stephanie Baptiste, Consultant


HR Service Center

Karla Evans, HRSC Manager

Erica Hill, HRSC Analyst

Pam Johnson-Pearson, HRSC Analyst

Samantha Miller, HRSC Analyst

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