COVID-19 Important Information Posted March 24, 2020:

  1. View the UMB Policy containing Travel Restrictions that went into effect on March 12, 2020 at 6:00 PM:
  2. Processing Guidelines
    1. Employee travel reimbursements will be processed as usual except that we will extend the 60 day requirement for submission to 90 days. Electronic receipts are still required. For those employees who do not have access to a scanner, pictures of receipts can be attached to the travel expense form. The department is responsible for gathering the original receipts when UMB returns to normal operations.
    2. Non-employee travel reimbursements are paid by the state. We will be extending the 60 day requirement for submission to 90 days. Financial Services Disbursements staff will print the documentation, including electronic receipts, from the eTravel System during this time period so that units do not have to deliver paper documents to Financial Services.  The department is responsible for gathering the original receipts and retaining them in the department when UMB returns to normal operations.  We kindly ask for continued patience due to limited staff.
    3. Please send travel related questions to
    4. Additional information related to financial matters:



The eTravel Pages have been updated to include the Quantum Financials accounting structure. View quick help in completing the new eTravel System funding fields. View instructions on using the eUMB Financials to Quantum Financials crosswalk.  Email or for assistance.

System access requests for the Travel Administrator and Travel Approver roles require completion of the Business Travel Curriculum in the Learning Management System.  The completion certificate is required to be uploaded with the CITS access request form.  Please visit the Travel Training webpage for additional information on completing the Business Travel Curriculum.  This requirement applies to individuals requesting the Travel Administrator or Travel Approver role after September 1, 2018.  The requirement does not apply to existing Travel Administrators or Travel Approvers who need to change their access.

The Department of Financial Services – Disbursements – Travel (FS-D-T) is responsible for evaluating and processing travel expense reimbursements for employees and nonemployees. FS-D-T also provides guidance and training on travel policies and procedures.

Download the Pocket Guide for Business Travel 


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