Eyewash Stations

An eyewash station/drench hose is a piece of equipment designed to provide water to a person who has splashed corrosive or toxic material on their body.

The University requires an eyewash station/drench hose to be placed within a reasonable distance of your laboratory and that you ensure that access to it is not blocked. Lack of or improperly functioning eyewash stations may result in injury to the eye because of the inability to rinse corrosive or toxic chemicals. Eyewash stations may be installed or repaired by contacting Facilities Management at (410) 706-7570 or through the Facilities Management Work Order Request Link

Common findings relevant to eyewash stations: 

Eyewash station/drench hose is unavailable: 

Have your department administrator contact Facilities Management to have an eyewash installed. Personal or disposable eyewash bottles are not acceptable and must be discarded when expired. 

Eyewash station/drench hose is inaccessible: 

Remove all material that blocks access to the eyewash station. 

Eyewash station/drench hose is not working: 

Submit a work order to have the eyewash station repaired. 

Eyewash station/drench hose is not tested on a weekly basis:  

Eyewash stations and drench hoses must be activated regularly to ensure that clear, freshwater is available. Laboratory staff must test the station weekly and document compliance at or near the station. 

Eyewash station/drench hose does not have a visible signposted: 

Purchase or print a sign to be posted near your eyewash station.