Homeownership Counseling

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UMB’s Live Near Your Work (LNYW) Program and similar grants require the completion of a homeownership program provided by a HUD-certified housing counselor before signing a contract of sale.

Homeownership counseling certificates are valid for one year and can provide helpful information about every step of the homebuying process, so it is advised that employees earn this credential before finding a home.

While there are many local homeownership counseling agencies that can provide this service, UMB has an on-site agency that can answer specific questions pertaining to LNYW. 

GO Northwest Housing Resource Center
2300 Garrison Blvd., Suite 140
Baltimore, MD 21216

Homeownership Workshops

Attend one of GO Northwest’s on-site homeownership workshops on campus by registering for one of the dates below. You only need to attend one workshop session.

There are no on-campus sessions available at this time. 

Completing a homebuying workshop is the first of a two-step process toward earning a homeownership counseling certificate. The second step requires a private homeownership counseling session, which you can sign up for during a workshop. 

If both you and your spouse will be on the mortgage note, both spouses must earn their homeownership counseling certificate.

You are not required to obtain your certification from UMB’s on-site agency. For a comprehensive list of local homeownership counseling agencies, visit Live Baltimore.