UMB Community System FAQ

How do I access the UMB Community System?

Go here and sign on with your UMID and Password.

Who can enter affiliate records?

Users with the role of sponsor or approver can enter affiliate records.  For a current list of sponsors and approvers, click here.

How do I take over sponsorship of an existing Community System user?

To take over sponsorship of a user follow the steps below:

  • Login to the Community System
  • Search for the User
  • Click on user's name from the results list
  • Under "Affiliation" click on "Edit"
  • Update the Sponsor as appropriate
  • Click on Submit

Who is my editor, sponsor or approver?

If you cannot determine who your editor, sponsor or approver is, call or email the IT Help Desk at 410 706-HELP.

How can I check the status of my affiliate record?

Sponsors and approvers can go to the Community System and view their "Pending Sponsorships" and "Pending Approvals".

When will my affiliate record expire?

Affiliate records expire on the morning of the Expiration Date.  You and your sponsor will get a notification 30 days prior to expiration. 

How do I request a new expiration date? How do I request a renewal of my account?

Login to the Community System using your UMID and password.

Click on "My User Profile"

Community System image to view your record.

Under "Affiliation", click on the "Edit" link

Community System image to edit your record.

Edit the Expiration Date, then click on "Submit"

Community System edit your expiration date.

You should see a confirmation

Community System image to confirm the edits to your record.

Your Sponsor is notified of the request by email.  Once your Sponsor agrees to the new date, the Approver is notified of the request by email.  Once the Approver agrees, the requested change is Approved.

How do I update my affiliate information?

Go to the Community System and sign on with your UMID and Password.  Click on the “View Your Record” link.

What if my sponsor changes?

Your new sponsor can go to the Community System and "Takeover Sponsorship" of your affiliate record from the old sponsor to the new sponsor.

How do I become a sponsor for affiliates in my school/department?

Contact the Approving Authority for your school/department.  The Approving Authority has to send an email request to DL-CITS Community System.

How do I request access to eUMB (Financials, HRMS, or RAVEN) or COEUS?

Access to eUMB applications can be requested following the steps below:

  • Login to the Community System
  • Search for the user
  • Click on the user's name from the results list
  • Under "Applications", choose "Add"
  • Select the relevant application(s)
  • Click on Submit

The Application Identity Request page is used to request that the person’s identity be established in specific campus applications. For some campus applications this step is necessary before requesting security access to the application. This request will NOT provide any application access, it will only create a relevant identifier within the application so that user security can be requested. Application specific security forms will still need to be submitted for appropriate access to be established.

Remember to complete and submit the appropriate Access Request Forms in addition to requesting access through the Community System.

Why can't I edit the expiration date?

The expiration date can only be set to a maximum of not more than 15 months from today. 

How do I Reactivate an Inactive Account?

To reactivate an inactive account follow the steps below:

  • Login to the Community System
  • Search for the User
  • Click on user's name from the results list
  • Under the "Identity" section, select "Activate Account"
  • Update the Expiration Date, Affiliations, Dept / School, and Sponsor and/or Approver as appropriate
  • Click on "Submit"

How does the Self-Registration process work?

Sponsors and Approvers can send Self Registration invitations to affiliates by clicking on the Self Registration Invitation link.  The Sponsor or Approver selects the Sponsor-to-be, enters the email address of the intended new affiliate, adds a note, and clicks Submit.

The recipient of the Invitation email then follows the link and completes the Self-Registration form.

The Sponsor then confirms the information, and agrees to be the Sponsor.

The Approver then approves the account, in the same way that an account created directly by a Sponsor is approved.