Stress Management

Programs and Initiatives for Stress Management

Graduate school can be stressful! At UMB, we are committed to spreading awareness about stress and anxiety, creating supportive programming, and providing resources designed to help students achieve academic success. A little bit of stress is good to motivate us to perform, and to pursue our personal and professional desires. However, the way that we respond to stress can make a big difference to our overall well-being. Learning how to cope with stress is important for mental and physical wellbeing. 

Stress Busters is a nationwide college health program that helps students rediscover relaxation. You've been go-go-going and we want you to take a breather. Sooth the stress away with a variety of simple and creative ways to feel relief during finals season. Check back for Spring 2023 Stress Busters Events. 

Upcoming Events.

I am My Valentine AND Take a “Paws” Having someone you can call a Valentine is good. HOWEVER, loving oneself so purely to be one’s own Valentine is totes BLISS. Join us to pump up yourself love and take a “Paws” this 14th! Marcel, Maddie, and Pippin will be set to give you sniffs and hugs for free! Tuesday, February 14, 11-1 p.m.| SMC Campus Center, Room 115