Holistic Health

Programs and Initiatives for Holisitc Health

Holistic wellness is a multi-faceted approach to life that considers the whole person and the connection of body, mind, and spirit. The physical, spiritual, social, emotional, cultural, intellectual, financial, and environmental dimensions of wellness are emphasized as interdependent. Holistic health is an ongoing process. No matter what your current state of health, you can make small everyday choices to improve your level of well-being.

Upcoming Events

Creativity, Gratitude, Kindness and Well-being, Thursday, November 3, 1-2:00 p.m., Wellness Suite, URecFit and Wellness, 5th floor Learn about creativity, gratitude, and acts of kindness in relation to health and well-being. We will also make a soap box that you can keep or give to a friend. Light refreshments will be served. Register here.

Healthy Sleep, Thursday, December 7, 12-12:45 p.m. Your sleep habits can have a lasting effect on your overall health. Many of us are not getting enough restful and restorative sleep. Most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Learn about sleep hygiene, and some simple adjustments that you can make to improve your much needed sleep. Register here.

Habit Formation, Thursday, January 25, 12-12:45 p.m. Are you considering adopting a new healthy habit? Want to quit or change a habit? In this workshop we will learn about habit formation, health behavior change, and accountability. We will complete a personal wellness evaluation and consider steps for building and maintaining healthy habits. Register here.

Identify and Use Your Strengths, Thursday, February 22, 12-12:45 p.m. Research shows a direct relationship between the engagement of a person’s character strengths and aptitudes and their effectiveness in both life and work. In this discussion, we will explore models for assessing our strengths, and learn how to use them in our work and our personal lives. Register here.

Nourish Your Body, Nourish Your Mind, Thursday, March 14, 12-12:45 p.m. Discuss how nutrition and diet can support your mental and physical health in addition to reducing and managing stress. We will also learn tips for menu planning, food preparation, and saving time, money, and energy to further reduce your stress. Register here.

Mental Health 101, Thursday, May 2, 12-12:45 p.m. In-depth educational training on what it means to take care of your mental health. To break the stigma on what it means to take care of mental health, we must first understand what it means to have mental health and whom it affects. Register here.

Past Events:

  • Creativity and Wellness 
  • Establishing and Maintaining Healthy Habits
  • Planting, Produce, and Planetary Cooking
  • Survive to Thrive: Achieving Academic Life Balance
  • Sleep Education
  • Nourish Your Body, Nourish Your Mind
  • UMB Cooks Cookbook
  • Gratitude