Mental Health

Programs and Initiatives for Mental Health

Prioritize your mental well-being. Lead a healthier student life. Graduate students experience mental health issues including anxiety, depression, and social isolation. According to a recent survey by the American College Health Association, 64% of college students reported feeling extremely lonely in the last year. The COVID pandemic has compounded these feelings of loneliness, stress, anxiety, and depression. During this period of social isolation, uncertainty and abrupt transitions, students are prone to further worsening of these feelings.

Upcoming/Ongoing Events

Coffee Connect This is an opportunity to meet up one-on-one with students from other schools on the UMB campus for a coffee hangout. Sign up here to be matched with a new student to meet each month. This wellness initiative aims to help students improve their social dimension of wellness. Having healthy relationships with family and friends, and the community is integral to our whole health and well-being. You can opt out at anytime. 

Past Events:

  • Mental Health 101 
  • NAMI: "I will Listen" Events