Lap Swimming

W.A.T.E.R.S. (water training, aerobics, triathlon training, easy impact, recovery, and swimming)

The self-guided workout program is a training and exercise resource available containing a guided workout collection. The workouts are designed by experienced competitive simmers and coaches.

The full swimming workouts are broken up by skill level from novice to master’s level. Workouts focus on areas such as cardiovascular endurance, speed development, general aerobic exercise, recovery, triathlon training, and technique improvement. The workout collection is located on the table by the workout equipment. The binder contains laminated cards for use by the pool and full-page printouts to sign and date, if desired, to track progress.

The workouts are divided by ability level and have descriptions and total distance listed on the card. If there is any confusion with the terminology, there is a detailed glossary explaining the terms, drills, equipment, and common distance equivalents.

Please feel free to ask any aquatic staff member for assistance if necessary.