Aquatic Classes

Our aquatic classes are listed on our Group Exercise Schedule.


  • University Swim: University Swim is an organized program for individuals to have a coached swim practice. The coach creates the workout and guides participants through the workout to help achieve personal goals. Workouts focus on improving endurance, drills, and technique.
  • Stroke and Turn: Do you know how to swim but want to refine your strokes? Or do you have the basics down and want to swim as a form of working out? If so, this class is for you. Taught by aquatic instructors with years of  swim team or swim lesson experience, you are sure to get stroke attention that you need to become a fitness swimmer.
  • H2O Training: If you are looking for a workout in the pool but swimming multiple laps in a row is not for you, this is the class for you. H2O training focuses on mixing in multiple elements of aquatic training, from swimming laps to aqua jogging to dry land workouts. Each workout is designed for a full-body workout with lower-impact training. Swimmers of all abilities are encouraged to participate.
  • Water Aerobics: Water aerobics is a lower-impact alternative to standard aerobics. It causes very little stress on your joints. The water provides resistance, which results in a great workout with less muscle fatigue. The sessions are designed to provide a fun workout while burning calories and strengthening core muscles.
  • AquaFit: A lower-impact water exercise class that mixes elements of aqua aerobics and H2O training. The classes will work the full body while limiting the impact on joints.
  • Log Rolling: A low-impact fitness activity with high rewards. Stepping back and forth on a spinning key log improves balance, footwork, core strength, and cardiovascular endurance.