2023 Recipients

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Sarah ArchibaldSarah N. Archibald, Ph.D., M.S.L., M.S., M.D.E., M.A., C.C.E.P., C.R.C.M.P.
Scholarship: Certified Risk and Compliance Management Professional (CRCMP)

After completing my Master’s degree in Law (Crisis Management & Homeland Security) and writing about risk management for my capstone, I wanted to expand my knowledge and credentials related to risk and compliance management. The Certified Risk and Compliance Management Professional (CRCMP) is a recognized and respected credential in this field. I can now share my knowledge gained from this certification and become a developing expert in this field, allowing me to further my career. 

Ayamba AyukAyamba Ayuk
Scholarship: IAAP Membership and IAAP In Person Summit 2023

This invaluable experience has significantly enhanced my professional development. It has empowered me to adopt a growth mindset, where I now perceive challenges as opportunities for personal growth. With the effective tools I've gained, I can successfully manage my emotions and engage in crucial conversations even in high-stress situations. This experience, made possible by UMBrella, has played a pivotal role in advancing me toward my professional goals.

Stephanie BrandalStephanie Brandal
Scholarship: Project Management Profession’s Bootcamp Course and PMP Exam

I would like to express my deep gratitude to UMB and UMBrella for the scholarship that made possible my long-held dream of receiving Project Management Professional (PMP) training and certification.  The UMBrella team encouraged me to reach for my goal and made me feel valued.  [They] have touched my life and I am forever thankful. I look forward to giving back to UMB through application of my PMP knowledge and skills.  Moreover, I continue to spread the word of the amazing mission UMBrella achieves through empowerment of the UMB community.

Jessica BrownJessica Brown, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, School of Medicine
Scholarship: The Data Visualization Academy

I am so appreciative for the opportunity to enroll in the Data Visualization Academy and expand my scientific communication skillset. I have used the invaluable knowledge and skills from the course to enhance my teaching, grant writing, and manuscript preparation. I have also used these newly learned skills to develop clear and impactful reports to clients of the Clinical and Translational Research Informatics Center (CTRIC). I was so impressed with the detailed lessons and the ability to directly apply these skills to our work in CTRIC that I have championed this training program among my team members and colleagues. I am grateful to UMB and UMBrella for this scholarship and I am eager to see the ripple effects of my training as I continue to sharpen my data visualization skills as a researcher and educator.

Carin CardellaCarin Cardella, MA, MS, MPIO
Public Information Officer, UMB Police and Public Safety 
Scholarship: FBI-LEEDA Master PIO Training

Communication is constantly evolving; new technology and trends pop up every day. As a public information officer, I must constantly learn and improve through training and professional development so I can continue to effectively communicate life-saving messages to our community. I am grateful to UMBrella for sponsoring my registration to FBI-LEEDA Master PIO, a course that helps me to grow and sets me apart as a leader in my field.

Carey MartinCarey A. Martin, MA, MBA, CRA
Business Operations Administrator, Veterinary Resources
Scholarship: The Dr. Nancy Grasmick Leadership Institute Professional Leadership Program for Women

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the 9th cohort of the Dr. Nancy Grasmick Leadership Institute’s Professional Leadership Program for Women at Towson University.  The program was transformational, allowing me to gain a better understanding of my values and strengths and to develop a new confidence when responding to leadership challenges.  It was such a privilege to learn from and alongside an amazing group of women leaders from diverse backgrounds and business sectors across Maryland.  Our willingness to be brave, open, and vulnerable with each other led to a depth of connection that no one could have anticipated at the start of our journey together.  When women support and champion each other, our capacity to make a positive impact on our organizations and communities is limitless. 

One of the key takeaways I received from the program is that it is essential to apply an intersectional lens as a leader.  Doing so requires we not only examine an issue from multiple perspectives but that we also ensure multiple voices are represented and have a seat at the table.  Now understanding how social identities may be both empowering and oppressing, it will be my personal mission to help create environments where others are inspired to contribute their most authentic, best selves towards attaining shared goals.  I will aim to be a safe space and champion for my colleagues and hope to uplift as many people as I can throughout my career.

Because of the Professional Leadership Program for Women, I am now armed with increased leadership capacity and am better positioned to influence and develop those around me.  In my own department, I will strive to build an excellent, ethical, and enduring organization where employees feel valued, understood, and encouraged to use their strengths.

I will be forever grateful to UMBrella for choosing me as a scholarship recipient.  I feel very fortunate and proud to work for an institution that supports the growth and development of women.

  • Amanda Breon, Senior Assistant Director, Wellness, Academic Affairs (URecFit)
    Scholarship: Well-Being Coach Training and Certification Program
  • Davene Hinton, Training Coordinator, School of Medicine
    Scholarship: Project Management Fundamentals Course
  • Janette North-Kabore, Community Program Director, School of Nursing
    Scholarship: Design Sprint Masterclass