Student Affairs Deans

The Division of Student Affairs provides interprofessional experiences and services to assist students in achieving their academic, personal, and professional goals. We strive to create inclusive environments that prepare students and the university community for meaningful engagement locally, nationally, and globally. 

Each School has an Office of Student Affairs that supports their students. Below you will find the Student Affairs Deans in your School. Please contact your Student Affairs Deans Office for questions related to your School.

UMB School Office of Student Affairs Website Student Affairs Dean
School of Dentistry Office of Student Affairs

Kate Noonan, PhD, MSEd
Interim Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Graduate School  

Erin Golembewski
Senior Associate Dean

School of Medicine Office of Student Affairs

Kerri Thom, MD, MS
Associate Dean for Student Affairs

John Allen, MD
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs 

Elizabeth Lamos, MD
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Marissa Flaherty, MD
Director in the Office of Student Affairs

Kristin Powell Reavis, MD
Director of Student Diversity and Inclusion in the Office of Student Affairs

School of Medicine
Allied Health - DMRT


Lorraine Doucette,  MS, MLS (ASCP)CM
DMRT Program Director 

Joanne Manning

School of Medicine
Allied Health - Genetic Counseling


Shannan Dixon, MS, CGC
Director of the Master’s in Genetic Counseling Training Program

School of Medicine
Allied Health - Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science

Doug Savin, MPT, PhD
Director of Student Affairs, DPT Program 

Cyndi Paige Desi
Manager, Academic Programs Support

School of Medicine
Epidemiology and Public Health
  Diane-Marie St. George, PhD
Program Director, MPH Program
School of Nursing Office of Student and Academic Services

Jennifer Schum, PhD
Associate Dean, Student and Academic Services

School of Pharmacy Office of Student Affairs

Sandeep Devabhakthuni, PharmD, BCCP
Associate Dean, Student Affairs

JuliAna Garcia Brammer, MBA
Director of Admissions, Records and Registration

School of Social Work Office of Student Affairs

Dawn Shafer, LCSW-C
Associate Dean, Student Affairs

Henriette Taylor, LMSW
Assistant Dean, Student Services

Carey School of Law

Office of Student Affairs

Erica Smith, JD, LLM
Associate Dean, Student Services