Setup Team


The Setup team processes all awards, continuations, NCE, etc. for an award that has changes to its initial or after the fact project basis or budget structure.  They setup and maintain the award/project structure through the life of the award for all sources, 315, 335, 345, 365 & 375.

 Setup Picture Description


  • Responsibilities
    • Award / Project setup actions
    • Bill-to Site Maintenance
    • Initial ROE processing/Send initial draft to Departments
    • Receivables for Temp Awards
    • Customer Service



Deborah Alleyne Portrait

Deborah Alleyne

Placeholder Staff Image

Accountant 1

Anchara Maharjan Portrait 

Archana Maharjan
Accountant 1

Tyler Williams-Page Portrait

Tyler Williams-Page
Financial Analyst

Brenda Hester Portrait

Brenda Hester

Marcelle Djiogo Headshot

Marcelle Djiogo
Accountant I

Adjowa Seshie Photo

Adjowa Seshie
Accountant I

Placeholder Staff Image

Kayin Chambers
Accountant I