Sponsored Projects Procedures

Request a New Subaward

Research, Sponsored Projects   |   Approved June 16, 2016


Use the Subaward Request to request that a new subaward be issued.


Principal Investigators (PIs) of sponsored research that involves work to be performed by persons at an organization outside University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB).

The outside organization is referred to as a subrecipient. The subaward is a written agreement signed by Sponsored Programs Administration Office (SPA). The Subaward Request is used to submit a request to SPA to send a subaward out to a subrecipient.

See SPA’s Collaborations and Subrecipients webpage for more information on this subject.

Subawards coming into UMB from another organization are handled as incoming sponsored projects. See Submit a Proposal Overview.


  1. Prior to submitting a Subaward Request:
    1. Determine if Sponsor approval is needed.
      1. If approval is necessary or for assistance with making this determination, contact your SPA Team.
      2. Verify that the budget period of subaward is within the start and end dates of the Project ID.
      3. Verify there is sufficient funding for subaward available in the Project ID.
        1. If necessary, submit a budget modification to SPAC. 
  2. Submit a Subaward Request for each subaward. 
    1. The following information is required to complete the Subaward Request:
      1. Project ID for the grant or contract funding the subaward
      2. Statement of Work for the subrecipient
      3. Start and end dates for the subaward (i.e. period of performance or budget period)
      4. Budget or payment schedule for the amount of funding being awarded to the subrecipient as compensation for performance of the Scope of Work
      5. Any applicable special approvals for regulated activities being performed by the subrecipient (e.g. IRB, IACUC approvals),
      6. Reporting and/or deliverables required from subrecipient
    2. If names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers of the Subrecipient PI, Authorized Official, Administrative Contact, and Financial Contact are not in Kuali Research, add them now using the Address Request.
    3. If the subrecipient (organization) is not in Kuali Research, add it now using the Address Request.
  3. Enter the subaward data in the Subaward Request and submit. After submission, the submitting Department Administrator will receive a copy of the completed request via email.
  4. SPA will review the request. After any additions or clarifications have been made, SPA will email a copy of the request to the PI. The PI must authorize the request to issue the subaward via an email reply. .
  5. The SPA Team drafts the subaward based on the Subaward Request and emails it to the subrecipient, then negotiates the terms of the agreement with the subrecipient as necessary.
  6. Once the SPA Team receives the signed subaward back from the subrecipient along with all applicable regulatory approvals (IRB, IACUC, etc), SPA signs the subaward for UMB and sends the fully executed subaward to the subrecipient with copies to the PI and the Department Administrator.
  7. The department submits a Requisition via the Procurement System to request a Purchase Order in the amount of the subaward. 
    1. When the PO# is assigned, send the PO # to the subrecipient and the SPA team.
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